10 Gilmore Girls Episodes to Procrastinate To

For me, Gilmore Girls is the ultimate comfort show. Even though I’ve seen every episode of the show at least 10 times, it’s something I keep coming back to whenever I’m feeling stressed, sad or just want to relax. The show’s witty dialogue, animated characters and the warm, homey feel of Stars Hollow never fail to make me feel better after a rough day.

With so many exams and assignments, finals season can be hard. Here are my picks for the best Gilmore Girls episodes to watch when you need to unwind during this stressful time!

1x06 - Rory’s Birthday Parties

This episode is the best of both worlds: lots of time spent in Stars Hollow with a lot of townie screen time, while continuing to flesh out Rory’s difficult transition to Chilton. I also love how this episode brings Emily and Richard to Stars Hollow for the first time and provides more backstory on their tumultuous relationship with Lorelai.

Favourite moments: Rory giving Richard the magazine to read on the porch (“I...am an autumn”) and seeing Rory and Dean’s budding romance as he gives her the bracelet he made her.

2x10 The Bracebridge Dinner

This is one of my all-time favourite episodes of Gilmore Girls. There’s something so magical about seeing the Independence Inn all decorated for the Bracebridge Dinner, and I love the shots of Stars Hollow in the snow when they take the horse-drawn carriage rides. This is also a great Richard episode, as he divulges that he’s retired from the insurance business and is looking ahead to his next chapter, and I love seeing him and Emily make up at the end.

Favourite moments: Rory and Lorelai building their snowwoman and Jackson, Kirk and Rune in character for the dinner.


2x21 Lorelai’s Graduation Day

This episode is perfect for all you Team Jess fans as Rory goes to New York to visit Jess, missing Lorelai’s graduation from business school in the process. Hands down the best part of this episode is seeing Emily and Richard get emotional as Lorelai graduates.

Favourite moments: Lorelai walking across the stage to graduate and the fact that Seth MacFarlane makes the first of (many) cameo appearances on the show.

3x07 They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

This episode is a classic. The 24-hour dance marathon is so quintessentially Stars Hollow and everything about this episode is so fun. This episode also marks the end of Rory and Dean’s relationship and the beginning of Rory and Jess. This episode also has a lot of great Lane and Dave scenes, one of my favourite couples on the show.

Favourite moments: Kirk running around the gym to the theme from Rocky after he wins the dance marathon and Mrs. Kim’s eggless egg salad sandwiches.

3x09 A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

This episode is truly my favourite Gilmore Girls episode. I love watching Lorelai and Rory eat their way through four different Thanksgiving dinners in true Gilmore Girls fashion and still having room for rolls afterwards.

Favourite moments: Jackson deep frying the turkey and Lane and Dave’s kiss.


4x21 Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

This episode makes the list because it sets up Luke and Lorelai as a couple at Liz and TJ’s renaissance fair themed wedding. I absolutely love their waltz at the end

Favourite moments: TJ’s love of tights and basically the entire wedding scene.

5x03 Written in Stars

Luke and Lorelai’s first date will always be one of my favourite scenes from the show. What is more romantic than Luke saying that he’s all in for their relationship, and his showing Lorelai the horoscope he kept from her after all those years? I also love the town meeting in this episode (only in Stars Hollow would they hold a meeting to discuss whether or not two people should be in a relationship) and how Luke defends his and Lorelai’s relationship to the town.

Favourite moments: Luke and Lorelai’s first date and Lorelai accidentally walking into the diner in Luke’s shirt, telling the whole town about their relationship.

5x07 You Jump, I Jump, Jack

This episode provides Gilmore Girls’ first look at the Life and Death Brigade and sets up the initial romantic tension between Logan and Rory. Team Logan forever!!

Favourite moments: The guys from the Life and Death Brigade who don’t use the letter “s” when speaking and Rory and Logan jumping off the scaffolding together.

6x13 Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting

This episode makes the list solely because of the last scene where they have all of the fights at Friday Night Dinner. This part of the episode has me in stitches every time I watch it, and I love that this is how they reconcile the Gilmores after months of being apart.

Favourite moments: Every fight they have in the last scene.

7x22 Bon Voyage

Even though season seven has been widely criticized, this episode warms my heart with it’s touching send-off to Rory as she leaves Stars Hollow to join the Obama campaign. I also love how the end of the episode mirrors the end of the first episode with the girls having coffee at Luke’s.

Favourite moments: the townies sneaking around to set up the party without Lorelai and Rory finding out, Lane and Rory chatting on her porch and Lorelai and Luke’s reunion.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan like me or a newcomer to the show, I hope these episodes of Gilmore Girls help you to unwind from the stress of finals season. Happy watching!

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