A Review of the Gilmore Girls Revival

Like many people, I’ve been wondering what happened to Rory, Lorelai and the rest of Stars Hollow ever since the season seven finale that left us with more questions than answers. So with the advent of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, I was ready to learn just what our favourite family has been up to. And it’s not at all what I expected.

WARNING: There are going to be spoilers so if you haven’t watched don’t keep reading.

When the revival starts things are good, Rory is visiting her mom, she’s just gotten published in The New Yorker, and Lorelai and Luke have been together ever since the season seven finale. It seemed like everything was perfect, but of course, they can’t keep things that way. Although I found myself satisfied with some of the answers that we got, I was upset and conflicted by others.

Why in the world was Rory seeing Logan? This is my biggest problem of the entire revival. Sure, I went into the revival a Logan girl; I figured if she had to end up with someone it should be Logan, but my opinion now has changed. Logan is engaged and living in England, and Rory is his mistress. Although we never actually meet the infamous Odette all I could think about was how this was like Rory seeing Dean when he was married. Has she learned nothing? This was so disappointing, in my opinion, for both of their characters. Although Logan sweetly comes to Stars Hollow with Collin, Finn and Robert I couldn’t enjoy this because he’s engaged, and still pursues Rory.

When the revival started Rory was getting published; she had a meeting with Conde Nast (I’m jealous) and she was working on a book. Young Rory had wanted this life and I was so proud of our girl, but that was all taken away. I understand that Amy Sherman-Palladino (the show's creator) wanted to bring Rory back to Stars Hollow, but as the show went on I saw my own future slipping away. I mean if Rory can’t make it out in the world, who can? Although Rory was able to take over the Stars Hollow Gazette, and eventually decide to write the book “Gilmore Girls," that’s not what she wanted. I’m excited by the inception of having Rory write what is essentially the story we all know and love, but am still upset that she didn’t get the life she wanted.

What I did love was Emily’s storyline. Many people, myself included, were wondering what would happen to Emily after Edward Herrmann passed away. His character, Richard, died of a heart attack and Emily spent the revival finding herself. Not only was she able to find a maid that lasted, she left an unhappy life to start fresh. Most importantly, she and Lorelai were able to connect and will continue to talk and visit each other. This was great closure for her storyline.

Lorelai's storyline had similar closure. After so much time she was able to get her happy ending with Luke, while keeping Paul Anka and Rory in her life (Now he’s got to be an old dog). Her wedding with Luke left me in tears, and that was exactly what I needed from this revival.

I'm going to reveal the last four words, so here’s your warning.

In the final few minutes of “Fall,” the last chapter in the revival, Lorelei and Rory are sitting at the gazebo reflecting on her wedding, and their lives. It is here when we get the final four words of the series:

"Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.”

WHAT? The series ended on a ridiculous cliffhanger. While I know that this is meant to reflect the beginning of the series, and that Rory is going to have a relationship with her future child that is similar to her and Lorelai’s, this is not what I wanted. Rory wanted to travel the world and write, and the future that she wanted and the one that she’ll get are very different. Now I’m left wondering what Rory’s life will be like, more so than after season seven.

While I loved the return to Stars Hollow, I feel like we need another revival to get all the answers to the revival.

Other questions that I wish the revival answered:

Why did Paris start working with surrogate mothers?

Did she use a surrogate to carry her own children?

Why couldn’t she and Doyle make it?  (I really thought they were perfect together)

Do Lane’s kids play instruments and are they religious?

How did Rory reconnect with Logan?

How did Logan meet Odette?

How did the Obama campaign go for Rory? We didn’t learn anything about her work or about the online magazine she worked for.

Why did April have a panic attack?

Why didn’t Luke and Lorelai get married until now?

Are Jess and Rory going to happen?

Is Logan the baby’s father?

Are we going to get a spin-off?