5 Essential Oils To Diffuse In Your Work Space

Essential oils and diffusers have become all the rage. People swear by their essential oils to alleviate pain, stress, or even boosting their immunity. I recently began introducing them in my life, mainly because who doesn’t love a good smelling room? It turns out, aromatherapy has gained more recognition in the fields of science and medicine. However, don’t walk away from this article and think you’ve found the next cure for your migraines or joint pain. Always consult with your doctor. However, if you like a nice smelling room and want to know which scents to use to boost your mood or relax then look below.

  1. 1. Lavender

    woman sleeping in bed

    If you’re looking to relax or improve your sleep at night, then lavender is the oil for you. The fragrance of lavender is said to promote calmness and relaxation. This is the most common essential oil scent found in spas. Try diffusing lavender if you’re looking to calm your mind after a long day of assignments. It has been said to improve sleep quality as well if you’re looking to regulate your sleep schedule.

  2. 2. Peppermint

    woman using laptop

    We all know how hard it is to wake up for another day of online classes. Peppermint has an invigorating scent that will get you moving in the morning. I diffuse peppermint while I start my homework for the day and it keeps me alert. Peppermint is an oil that helps with many things and nausea is also one of them! The next time you’re feeling sick, put on some peppermint and get a can of ginger ale to get rid of your nausea.

  3. 3. Lemon

    Besides smelling absolutely incredible and so clean, lemon essential oil is a major mood booster. We all have the quarantine blues in different ways. The lemon scent gives a mental boost and a sense of positivity. It can also make you feel a little more energized throughout your day. 

  4. 4. Eucalyptus

    girl lounging relax 2

    This scent is another common spa scent. It promotes relaxation similar to lavender, but it also is really good at removing smells in the home. If you just can’t get rid of the smell of fried food after dinner, I highly recommend putting this in a diffuser. For those battling allergies every year, eucalyptus also relieves nasal congestion.

  5. 5. Tea Tree

    woman stretching in bed

    Tea Tree oil is known for its purifying properties. It can help boost immunity and cleanse your space. Similar to eucalyptus, it also provides respiratory relief when you’re battling the common cold. However, be careful if you have furry friends. Tea tree oil is toxic to pets.

When you’re buying your essential oils, make sure they are made with quality ingredients. Due to their increasing popularity, a lot of commons are adding synthetic materials and selling them at a cheap price. Always do your research about the brands ahead of time and ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. My desk diffuser has made my work from home a lot more enjoyable. They help me get focused on those mornings where I’m dragging my feet to start homework and help me unwind at night. It can make a major difference when your bedroom is also your work space.