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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.


The color yellow, always wrapped ‘round my heart.

Guards against chill, keeping me warm. 

Giving out hugs whenever it’s heavy.

Seeing the relationship with life I have formed.

The color itself can be seen in a feeling.

Deepening happiness as the sun bathes my face.

A bowl of sweet kiwis on a fresh Spring evening.

 Long country drives when I forget time or place.

Building a space for my heart to go roaming.

I take it all in as the moon does the day.

Breathing in, breathing out, I love its simplicity.

The color in my soul helping me break away. 

When life hits me hard and I’m stressed or I’m lonely, 

Feeling lost in a world with its big lion roar, 

I look to my heart and seek through my memory,

Grasping on to that bright yellow hope once more. 

   Amy is a student at Wells college. She is currently working on her double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice, along with a minor in History. In addition to writing, she likes acting, reading, drawing, watching movies, and playing with cats. Coffee is her lifesource. Hugs are her favorite. She loves being on the Her Campus team at Wells, and enjoys working and being surrounded by such kind and strong people! 
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