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The Vaginal Probiotic You Never Knew You Needed

Azo is a probiotic for women that claims it is “clinically shown to work in seven days.” Online you can get 30 capsules, which are taken daily, for $25. Or if you’re willing to make the investment in order to save a bit, you can even find boxes of 60 capsules online on websites like Amazon and CVS for around $45. The probiotic is a small, easily swallowed, capsule containing a formula made up of a “multi-strain probiotic blend.”


Similar to stomach probiotics—think kombucha, some yogurts, and other highly profiled supplements—Azo aims to bring balance to your vagina’s microbiota. Many things you wouldn’t think to be consequential can have a negative effect on your vaginal health such as having sex, your diet, stress, and even the kind of underwear you’re wearing! A product like Azo has the potential to help you relax and eliminate your need to, let’s face it probably unsuccessfully, control all these unknowable factors. 


I’ve been taking Azo for two weeks, twice the advertised time needed to see results and I haven’t noticed much of a change in my vaginal health. I must say I didn’t know what to expect. I have never suffered from yeast infections, I am not sexually active, and the last time I had a UTI I was a little kid. I can definitively say the odor of my vagina has been milder and at times, it doesn’t seem to have a smell at all—yes, I’ve sniffed my vagina! I have the same amount of light discharge occasionally. I also haven’t gotten a UTI or yeast infection. 


Though I can’t personally endorse the product with my limited experience and no real need for such a supplement, there are many vagina-owners that can and have. On Azo’s website, there are dazzling reviews, averaging 4.7 stars with a total of nearly 1,300. Many reviewers boast with confirmations that indeed, the product does live up to its claim, improving vaginal health in just a week. One reviewer was brave enough to share her lengthy and formerly shameful history of yeast infections. She said would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who’d listen. 


The reviews really are unique. If you’re feeling embarrassed or alone, get ready to feel empowered and check them out. Instead of only offering analytical documentation of their usage of the product, many vagina owners have also used it as a space to share their stories of shame and isolation due to vaginal problems. 


Products like Azo are fundamental to diminishing vagina-owners’ pain—emotional and physical. The stigma surrounding UTIs, yeast infections, and other vaginal ailments is real. In my own life, I’ve found my sanity and health are inextricably intertwined. So no matter who you are, what your age, or even if you are pregnant, (yes, it’s totally safe!) if you have a vagina that you’re less than pleased with, it’s well worth your dollar to try out Azo.

Vail is a sophomore at Wells College and super awesome!
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