Vaginal Health: The Lips We Don’t Talk About

 We always talk about how important it is to take care of our lips as they have the most delicate skin, but what about our other lips? Your vagina, vajayjay, flower; whatever you want to call it, needs care, too. How are we supposed to know everything’s good “down there” if we aren’t willing to talk about it?  Our vaginas do so much for us, such as cleaning themselves and telling us when we are and aren’t healthy. So if you’re asking if your vagina is normal, it probably is.

Here are some things that our vaginas do that may not seem so normal, but actually are!

  1. Discharge: Your vagina secretes fluids naturally! Healthy vaginal discharge should be thick and white or have a brown tone depending on the point in your menstrual cycle.

  2. Moisture: You aren’t dirty if your vagina has that swamp-like feel, lots of moisture means you’re young and fertile!

  3. Periods: While irregular periods can be a sign of a greater issue, our periods can go “out of whack” in a simple change of diet, stress, or workout.

  4. Sensitivity after sex: It’s normal to feel a little bit uncomfortable “down there” after sex. You might feel tingling, but it’s healthy and normal, as long as it goes away within an hour or so.

  5. Period smell: Even though we’re taught to hide it, it’s normal for your menstrual blood to have a slight odor, because your body is shedding a whole bunch of extra stuff!

  6. Shaving: It’s normal to have irritation and red bumps after shaving your bikini area. It may not look pretty, but don’t fret.

  7. Irregular itching: Just like any other part of our bodies, our vaginas itch! Occasional itches can be due to things such as a change in soap, synthetic clothing, razor burn, etc. However, frequent itching can be a sign of a bacterial infection or an STD.

While we don’t talk about these things, your vagina is completely normal! Love your vagina, it works to keep you healthy!