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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.

Recently, I’ve been very uncomfortable in the spaces that I call home. This irritability I find myself struggling with usually gets pushed off onto my loved ones since they are in my space. This isn’t a good way to deal with stress, but instead, you should find ways to help you calm down. 


When I get too overwhelmed and grumpy, I like to go off by myself and think through what’s making me so upset. Everyone always belittles alone time but, it can actually be a life saver. 


When I’m alone, I like to talk myself through what I have to do or what I’m stressing about. I find this self-conversation helpful especially if I accompany it with a to-do list to make sure I know what I have to accomplish that day. This organizes my brain and shows me that it isn’t as daunting as I believed it was.


Being alone is a handy tool that we all need to utilize sometimes. I know it’s terrifying to be alone but, it’s needed. And when I say “be alone,” that means away from your phone too. Even scrolling through social media isn’t a form of being alone. Instead of picking up your phone, pick up a book or get into journaling.


In this very invasive society, it’s nice to just be with yourself. I like to think that (even though friends are good to have) maybe you should be your best friend. Make sure you can be comfortable with yourself because that will definitely ease your way into feeling better.


If you find yourself feeling irritable like I have, just give yourself some “me-time.” Listen to that new album, read that book or maybe even write that scene that’s been playing in your head lately.


Just do something that will start a conversation with your own mind, it does help.


My name is Parker Howell. I love to spend my time writing (mostly poetry) and cuddling with my cat when he's not biting me. I'm majoring in Creative Writing at Wells College so writing is a major influence in my life. I love cacti, corgis, and chai tea.
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