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How Poetry has Helped Me, and Why it is Important?

Poetry is not just words on a paper; it’s more than that. Writing poetry is an integral part of my life. It was poetry that gave me the strength to carry on days when I felt empty. Writing my thoughts and deepest confessions in my journal gave new meaning to happiness. I achieve my heights of happiness after writing. As a college student, I have various daily challenges from schoolwork, to my Resident Advisor responsibilities, to being the Secretary of a club. To offset my stress I writing poems whenever time permits.

Poetry can be described as a vital language, which relies on the writer’s feelings, history and perception. The writer’s use of descriptive and persuasive words can sway the reader to believe one thing over another. One can concur with the idea that poetry is a critical aspect of a child’s life and their development.

Due to poetry’s universal flexibility, it can be seen as a language. However, there is a difference between the art of poetry and regular language. In poetry, the same words can be used more expressively and emotionally. Similarly, in other languages, there are words in poetry that display deeper meaning.

Poetry is the foundation of music; it allows people to paint sketches of their lives using metaphor, imagery and symbolic language to describe painful experiences, or parts of themselves or even educational purpose. Unorthodoxically or untraditionally these shorter poems were intended to be sung not read. The words that are song are called lyrics. For instance, music is a fundamental aspect of a child’s development. In fact, many children learn through music, an example of this is their alphabet, how to count, or how to merely to remember things.

Poetry is a vital language in our society. Poetry is dependent on the writer’s feelings, history, and perceptions. Poetry can help one create and live new experiences or trigger old feelings and emotions. Through words and diction, the reader can actively participate giving them brevity, greater awareness and a better understanding of the world they live in.  Poems can express numerous thoughts and feelings.

For me, poetry has helped me through difficult times in my life; my parent’s divorce, my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s struggles, the death of my brother, and physical and emotional abuse. Without writing, I felt lost and engulfed by a society that places more emphasis on how you present yourself versus how you are as a person. I remember as a child carrying around a journal to record my emotions through poetry as the day. It didn’t matter if I was sad, happy, or embarrassed I dedicated an hour to writing. It was my therapy when I had no friends or even family to understand my pain. Especially moving to a new country and seeing my parents struggle made it tremendously hard for me to express how much I disliked school,  how I bullied and how I honestly hated life at the time. My poems were my sanity through various tough times in my life, and this is why I highly encourage people to write their feelings and thoughts down. Whenever I wrote about in-depth things that mentally scar me the most prominent relief was writing it all down then shredding the paper. Symbolically it was me shredding my pain with it.

Poetry gave me the sense of vulnerability. I was able to be soft and my true self. Poetry gave me a voice to say how I felt without having to voice the words physically. Writing poetry was my safe-haven, and it was through poetry I found the means to be myself. As cliche as it sounds, it was the real me, beyond what people saw every day. I used poems to channel my emotion and navigate my feelings to paper.

Poems are universal because there is one or everyone, for the young, old, or in between.  Poems have been there from the start to help us remember important things and can help us relive old memories. Poems trigger and evoke numerous skills; reading, writing, critical thinking, and sometimes our imagination. Poetry is an essential and vital facet or part of person’s life, and for this, we should support poetry in our lives and schools.

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