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Girl Talk: Let’s Get Real about Going to the Gynecologist

What is it about saying we’re going to the gynecologist that makes every girl cringe while trying to mutter the words? Every woman has to do it, but we all act like it’s taboo or the scariest thing in the world. That makes it even tougher for the women who are about to experience the wonderful world of gynecology for the first time. So let’s get real about what you can expect at your first visit.

First, you have to be ready for the possibility of your gynecologist being a dude. Mine is. And the first time I went I was literally like, “uh, what”. But in the long run, what’s the difference between it being a guy or girl who’s checking out your lady parts? Not like they haven’t already seen a million of them, what makes yours so special? Most of the time, the male gynos will be able to read if you’re uncomfortable and will go out of their way to try and make it less awkward for you by engaging in conversation, which, ultimately makes it more awkward, so just go in calm and collected and it’ll all be good.

Secondly, be prepared to talk about your sex life. They’ll ask you questions, so answer them honestly. Even if that means you have unprotected sex, tell them. They’re not there to judge, they’re there to keep you healthy. During that time, if you have any questions at all, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask. They go through a crap ton of schooling and training to be able to answer those questions, in a professional manner, so ask away.

Thirdly, they are going to stick some things up your lady parts (fingers, probes, swabs, etc.). But obviously they’re professionals, so no it’s not going to hurt, and no it’s not going to be awkward. It’s literally the fastest 30 seconds of your life and you’re done. The quicker you say, “screw it, this is a normal thing” and just go with the flow, the quicker you’ll be out that door.

Lastly, gynecologists are there to help with more than just checking for STDs or STIs. They help get you on the best type of birth control, to help you learn proper sex-ed, to check you for breast cancer, to check you for cervical cancer. You name it, they can help you with it (as long as it involves reproductive areas).

So again, why is it so taboo and awkward to talk about going to the gynecologist. It’s nothing more than an annual check-up that all women go to. It’s not because you’re dirty, or pregnant, (you could go there if you’re dirty or pregnant, though) it’s because you care about your own health, and your gyno cares about your health.

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