Protecting Your Mental Health this Exam Season

During this stressful time of year, it can be especially hard to protect your own mental health, as well as support your friends who are going through hard times when you yourself are going through them as well. Here are some tips to create a better mental space for you, your loved ones, and everyone you come across this exam season.


1. Assess Your Environment

Some core aspects of your mental health include intake, daily routine, and habits. Ask yourself:

  • Are you absorbing healthy ideas in your daily adventure?

  • Is social media a healthy habit or is it creating a negative impact?

  • Are you exhausted more often than not?

These are signs to change aspects in your life that will improve your mental health rather than deflect and negate.


2. Assess Your Dependence

Regarding where you turn to for help, is it a healthy facet of support. Think about it:

  • Are the people you turn to for advice wise and supportive?

  • What are your core needs for finding the right balance?

These are considerations for trying to lift yourself into independence while still knowing when to turn to others for help. You do not need to carry your burden alone! Reaching out to others when you need it is a sign of strength and maturity. It does not make you weak in any way.


3. Create a Healthy Space

Consider the different spaces in your life and evaluate:

  • Are you able to separate work and personal life?

  • Do you set aside time for self-care in your master to-do list?

  • Are you taking away negativity or positivity in the environments you dwell in?


4. Adjust Your Relationships

A huge question to ask is are any of your current relationships with partners, peers, friends, or even your relationship with yourself toxic. Consider this, as well as:

  • Are there ways to combat the toxic parts?

  • Would it be best to say goodbye to toxicity and hello to growth?


5. Rethink Your Words and Actions

Words and actions are a powerful tool and can also be a dangerous weapon. Reflect on how you have been using them lately:

  • Are there negative aspects you push onto other people without meaning to?

  • Are you using derogatory, insulting, or casually hurtful phrases when you speak?

  • Are you acting like the person you admire or desire to become?

  • What are some habits you can implement now? Are there habits you’d like to break free from?


6. Take Charge

In your assessment, take the considerations into how you move forward.

Take your dreams, ideals, and core values into how you go on from here on out.


To end off, here are some mental health resources you can always turn to:


You are loved.

You are important.

We want to see you tomorrow.

We can’t wait for all that you’ll do.


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