Nothing Ever Goes to Plan

When I started university, I wanted to make a lot of friends, join extracurriculars, and of course, get good grades. I had a whole plan and vision of how my university life will be. Get above 80% in everything like I did in high school, get a group of friends that you can do everything together with, get a boyfriend at some point in time, join the most popular clubs on campus, and get an amazing co-op position at a huge company. I had a belief that everything will work out and be great. 

In my first year reality struck me first when my grades were not like they were in high school. I kept criticizing and putting myself down for it. I had a group of friends that I hung out with all the time but it felt like I didn’t belong. I joined clubs such as the finance club and DECA for it to look good on my resume but I was never that interested in attending their meetings and events. In the second year, I applied for jobs at the top companies, no matter what the position. Even though I was following my plan from the first year, I wasn't happy. I felt that something was wrong, something didn't seem right for me. I did not feel aligned with the plan I had thought out to be so great.

After trying to stick to my plan and staying unhappy, I decided to change my plan in my third year. I started by reducing my extracurriculars to one per semester and actually trying the ones that peaked my interest such as becoming a workout buddy and volunteering with ICSN. I started realizing that half the courses I was taking, I had no interest in them. The ones that I was interested in, I started to look for other courses and options I can do in the future. Instead of having that big group of friends, I started to spend time with smaller groups and individuals who I felt comfortable with. Last year I applied for co-op jobs not by the company name but what I wanted to learn and try out. Also, I’m still single but happily single. 

After the past four years (entering my fifth and final year), I realized a couple of things:

  1. Nothing ever goes to plan

  2. Know yourself well and find out what fits you best

  3. Let go of high expectations that you put on yourself and give yourself some compassion

  4. Accept and embrace changes

I hope that my last year will be as insightful and another self-growth journey as my last four years were. I wish you all the best this school year!



Hawa Latuke