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5 Ways to Pamper Yourself for Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re single, taken, or in a complicated situationship, there’s always time for self-care, especially when everyone is in the mood to share some love. With the rise of breakup songs, it’s easy to feel forgotten by love and feel empowered as you pamper yourself — other people can love us, but we need to love ourselves first. Maybe you aren’t ready to get yourself out there just yet, but regardless of your situation, you can always do something to make yourself feel better.

Some of us might resent seeing couples out and about holding hands, but instead of just being cold and alone in your room, there are plenty of things you can do to pamper yourself for Valentine’s day.

1. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

There’s no shame in buying yourself something you love. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, buy yourself some flowers. If Miley Cyrus says you can, then you must. Live out your main character energy by swinging around a beautiful bouquet from a local florist like Charmed Flowers while streaming Flowers by Miley Cyrus herself.

Plus, who would know what you like more than yourself?

2. Spoil Yourself with Jewelry

Maybe you’ve been falling a little short of romance lately. But why not spoil yourself with something that will never leave? Get yourself a piece of jewellery that can never leave your side, something that will stay with you through the highs and lows. not your mother’s Jewellery has your back; get a bracelet zapped on your wrist and it will stay with you forever through the journey of life.

3. Take Yourself on a Book Date

If you’re bored or disappointed with your own love life, you can always slip into another while reading. Waterloo’s reading culture is a little crazy, but you can head to one of the coziest bookstores in Uptown Waterloo to find new adventures. From Young Adult Novels, to self-help books that help you understand yourself at a deeper level, Words Worths Books will have exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Relax Your Relationship Stress Away

Spa days are a luxury that some can only dream of, but hard work can falter when you’re not taking care of yourself. Getting your nails done at Luxe Nail Bar could be a small act of kindness towards yourself, or if you’re gonna go all out, book yourself a day at The Water Spa to truly melt all your stress away. With Valentine’s being near midterms season, I know you deserve it.

5. Make Yourself Something That Lasts

Waterloo is like that little town in the Christmas movies with little shops everywhere. The small-town charm is truly alive here, so why not embrace it? If you want to make memories you won’t forget, then go out and make something that will last. Whether it be a date, or if you just want to make something for yourself, there are always workshops that have your back. Sweet & Spice Candles is a shop where you can make your own scent to signify this stage of your life, and burn away all the bad.

Happy pampering!

Nisha Nararidh

Waterloo '23

Hi! I'm Nisha, an International Student who is currently studying at the University of Waterloo. I am double majoring in English Literature and Language alongside a Major in History, in addition to that I am also taking a minor in Human Resource Management. I love to share my stories and how I adapted to the Waterloo lifestyle.