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How I Discovered Poetry As a Form of Self Care

What’s this all about?:

Everyone seems to have their own little way of making themselves feel a bit more whole. I had never understood this feeling, this seemingly intrinsic healing that derives from something. It was until I discovered poetry. Poetry lit something up in me that I never knew existed. It was solace, it was empowering, and it was relatable. My anxiety was curbed, knowing that someone else out there had experienced the same things I was feeling and had transformed it into a craft. Poetry made me feel understood and worthy of not only others’ love, but self-love. I began writing, and once I did, I never wanted to stop. I wanted to start posting weekly poems in hopes of inspiring some of you and just maybe lighting something in you that has been looking to be understood. 

Poem of the Week: 

Sleep Walking

Last night I dreamt about you,

This time not what we were,

But what we are now

Perfect strangers that used to know each other’s hips

Long lost friends that used to own each other’s hearts.

For the first time in a while,

I missed you.

Reading and Writing Location Recommendation: 

The Spotted Cow in Mill Creek Town Center. Aside from their rustic tables and large aesthetic white mugs, Mill Creek seems to always inspire me with its small town feel. Sit by the fire place and enjoy their Honey Vanilla Latte and scribble down some clustered thoughts. 

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