Fitness YouTubers that Motivate and Inform

For the past three years, I have been on a fitness journey. Yes, a journey. There were some parts where I was exceedingly motivated and there were other times where I didn't make it to the gym for weeks on end.

A few months ago,  I was on the motivation struggle bus (and had a bunch of free time since I wasn't going to the gym) so I turned to my trusty YouTube subscriptions. Mostly, I was just procrastinating but that procrastination ended up turning into creating my motivation to get back in the gym on a regular basis.

Over the past few years, I have watched, subscribed to, and unsubscribed from a multitude of YouTube channels. These are my favorite fitness YouTube channels that just might help you overcome your fitness-slump.

  1. 1. Natacha Océane

    Natacha Océane’s channel is a goldmine of fitness experiments, tips, and motivation. She incorporates a variety of training styles including lifting, functional, and gymnastics. Her approach to informing her subscribers and to pushing the limits of her own fitness will get you ready to start up at the gym or will motivate you to go even harder. 

  2. 2. Grace Fit UK

    Grace Fit UK is well known for her high-quality gym products and has recently released a new product and clothing line. Her channel is perhaps the most relatable of these since she is also a full-time student (while also managing businesses, how?!). Her videos give helpful advice, example workouts, story-times, and meal ideas.

  3. 3. Sarah's Day

    A new mom, Sarah’s channel explores the intersection of life and incorporating fitness, diet, and skincare in a realistic way. Her videos are honest, entertaining, and relatable. The fitness aspect of her channel is kind of on hiatus at the moment since her son is only five weeks old but if you are new to her channel and looking for workout inspo, check out some of her older training videos!

  4. 4. Yoga with Adriene

    This is channel moves away from the “day in the life” approach and provides you with free yoga sessions. Adriene is a great instructor with a variety of workouts and cracks the occasional joke mid-workout. This is a great at home workout channel that will help you out whether you don’t want to go in to the gym or if you just don’t have access to one.