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Campus Conversations: Chloe Wong

Chloe Wong
Class: Sophomore
Major: Marketing, IS
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Zodiac: Taurus
Relationship status: Taken
                Chloe’s effervescent glow is undeniable and her innate professionalism is unparalleled by most collegiates–a rare gem!
HC: Why are you pursuing a business degree at the University of Washington?
CW: I want to pursue a degree that is applicable in all ranges. The burgeoning of the technology industry has made other practices more obsolete, but being able to interact with professionals in enterprises or globally will always be applicable. I’m pretty right-brained, but I also like to analyze things holistically on a quantifiable basis. That is what inspired me to major in Marketing and IS (Information Systems). I want to take this background and apply it on an international scope; my parents have a strong background in international business, which has inspired me to study multiple languages and maintains my love for travel.
HC: I know you’re a classically trained dancer. Can you tell us a bit about your history with dance and what dance means to you?
CW: Well, it all started… (she laughs, casually stretching her leg up to her nose)
I started off as one of those embarrassing toddlers running around in sequined magenta tutus. When I was eight, I started training in classical ballet at the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company. I loved the discipline and order of having class every day, and I was mesmerized by the satin pointe shoes and glamour of the stage performances. Participating in productions like The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, and Circus Polka made up some of my fondest memories as a kid. I continued it up until just before high school upon which I started competitive dance in jazz and lyrical. In high school, I participated in drill team and captained in my senior year. Coming to UW, I stayed connected to dance by taking classes with the dance program, which were amazing. It’s been harder to fit dance into my college schedule, but it really shaped me and will always be a part of my life. It gave me a lot of discipline and was an outlet for me whether I was happy, stressed, or just needed a good workout. Dance has connected me to a lot of amazing friends, and I have so much respect for the arts. 
One of her many signature leap poses. Her ability to smile normally in mid-air is a testament to her effortless composure (and years of dance). 
HC: Who is your ultimate celebrity crush and why?
CW: My ultimate celebrity crush is Audrey Hepburn. She embodies grace and has such a classic image that is applicable in every era. She has a timeless sense of style and a personality and aura that are unmistakable. She has a magnetism that is so polished and rare in today’s media. As for the male department…(with a few eyebrow raises, laughing) I think Ian Somerhalder is so good looking—I’m a sucker for dark hair and green eyes. Also, Hugh Jackman is a ruggedly handsome man, and Australia is one of my favorite movies.
HC: If you could give high school Chloe some advice, what would it be?
CW: You don’t always have to be positive 100% of the time. Being organized and involved is great, but don’t overstretch yourself and don’t be afraid to just have some “me-time.” Confidence is all in the mind, and the only walls that surround you are the ones you build yourself. Remember what a simple smile can do for someone’s day; so many of us go around unaware of the quiet burdens our peers are going through.  
HC: How would you describe your style and its evolution over the years?
CW: Let’s not talk about middle school. After the dark ages, I was very into burgundy, cream, earth-tones, and lace; think Anthropologie with American Eagle basics. When I started working at Madewell, it was just too easy to pick up cute pieces (“bye bye paycheck!”). I love their high-riser skinny jeans paired with layered button-ups, silk camis, and accent jewelry. My go-to shoes are Madewell’s suede or leather Billie booties; they are super comfortable, but are elevated enough to elongate my legs. My rule-of-thumb is to invest in good staple pieces; I have a down jacket and a camel-colored trench from J. Crew that are classic and have lasted me forever. 
      Chloe’s campus-casual look: you’ll likely catch her between classes in this outfit. Though cute and comfy, her style hinges on structure.
HC: What are your ideal plans post-graduation?
CW: I want to gain experience in the workforce, hopefully with companies that I’ve established relationships with through networking and internships. I’ll probably stay in Washington because I plan to pursue graduate school at the University of Washington, but I’d be just as happy living in San Francisco in an Anthropologie-esque apartment, working at a tech company in marketing. Ideally, after I’m done with graduate school, I’ll make a trip back to Italy and France to explore the cities independently, eat delicious food, and practice my French!
HC: So you recently celebrated your one-year anniversary with your boyfriend, in what ways has your relationship shaped your college experience and what’s your take on dating early in college?
CW: I met my boyfriend during business school orientation, and we were really good friends for a couple months before we started dating. I’m pretty cautious about starting relationships, especially since I’m so focused on my goals, but I’ve found that dating has helped me to become more cognizant of how much impact you can have on someone you’re close to. We have similar schedules, so we spend time doing anything from studying to going on dates around the city, but the key thing I’ve found with my relationship is how startling it is to know someone so well. He really supports me and takes the time to understand how I’m feeling, so I feel really lucky in that aspect. At the same time, dating has helped me to find a balance between my social life and my professional life as I juggle school, friendships, and extracurriculars. Many people wonder if dating early in college is a detriment, but I think if you consider your options carefully and handle your relationships maturely, it can really enrich your experience and support you through stressful times.
All photos belong to Chloe Wong
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Erin Lee

Washington '17

I guess the format goes something like year, major, clubs...but I don't really think those things are integral to defining who I am. What really defines me is a loaded question, so I'll just throw out some things that come to mind: 1. I'm one of those social introverts. I much prefer small group and one-on-one interactions, but I can deal with large mixers. So long as I have a mixed drink in hand. 2. I am proud to live in the PNW. I mean, make fun of Socality posts all you want (I do), but we have trees. We have mountains. Water (both swimmable and drinkable, California). All four seasons. And diversity. Diverse cultures. This means more history. More food. More languages.  3. I thrive on intelligent conversation. I don't mean that in a pretentious way. I just mean that I lack the patience for small talk or shallow conversations. I value honesty to the point where it's a bit abrasive--I want to know what makes you tick. We can discuss favorite colors later. Intelligent conversation also means creating a space for listening and learning in the face of disagreement.  4. I'm definitely into the arts more than athletics. Not saying I am artistically skilled, more like artistically inclined. I find beauty in art of all media. But especially, especially music. What am I currently listening to? The OST for Whiplash. So, Big Band Jazz! All the thumbs up.   Okay I'll stop here because this was supposed to be short. But yes, I am in college. I go to the University of Washington and I'm pursuing a business marketing degree. 
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