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Erin Lee

Washington '17

I guess the format goes something like year, major, clubs...but I don't really think those things are integral to defining who I am.

What really defines me is a loaded question, so I'll just throw out some things that come to mind:

1. I'm one of those social introverts. I much prefer small group and one-on-one interactions, but I can deal with large mixers. So long as I have a mixed drink in hand.

2. I am proud to live in the PNW. I mean, make fun of Socality posts all you want (I do), but we have trees. We have mountains. Water (both swimmable and drinkable, California). All four seasons. And diversity. Diverse cultures. This means more history. More food. More languages. 

3. I thrive on intelligent conversation. I don't mean that in a pretentious way. I just mean that I lack the patience for small talk or shallow conversations. I value honesty to the point where it's a bit abrasive--I want to know what makes you tick. We can discuss favorite colors later. Intelligent conversation also means creating a space for listening and learning in the face of disagreement. 

4. I'm definitely into the arts more than athletics. Not saying I am artistically skilled, more like artistically inclined. I find beauty in art of all media. But especially, especially music. What am I currently listening to? The OST for Whiplash. So, Big Band Jazz! All the thumbs up.


Okay I'll stop here because this was supposed to be short. But yes, I am in college. I go to the University of Washington and I'm pursuing a business marketing degree.