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7 Easy Ways To De-Stress After a Long Day

I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember. I didn’t have much of a curfew as a child, and I grew up staying up a little late reading, doing homework, painting, scrolling through the internet, the list goes on. Throughout my school years, I would always stay up late studying or any other kind of work, and for some reason, I used to find the late evening and night time to be the best time to be “productive”. Despite somehow getting stuff done in the late pm, I would sometimes wake up feeling dazed and disoriented as my mind would be filled with endless amounts of thoughts and to-do lists. Eventually, I’ve realized that it is important to give myself some time to unwind and de-stress in the evening and do more heavy-work stuff earlier in the day. And let me tell you, it is life changing.

Below is a list of things that you can do to unwind in the evening, de-stress, and practice that self-care. 

1. Exercise and/or Stretch 

Working out in the morning is great, but if you are not able to catch an early morning workout, and evening workout is a perfect way to start your evening routine! Heading to the gym, going for a run, or doing a quick at-home workout and/or stretch does wonders for releasing those endorphins and getting yourself in a zen mindset to feel great!

2. Make Dinner

Treating your body at the end of the day with some good nutrition is v essential. It is not unknown that great food is great for the body and mind, and while breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, the last meal of the day is just as important. In between studying, clubs, and extracurricular activities don’t forget to fuel your body that got you through the day.

3. Up Your Skincare Routine

Allocating some time to take care of the largest organ in your body will make you feel great, and look great. Remember to always wash your face, moisturize, all of that good stuff. Your skin collects a lot of bacteria throughout the day, so going to bed with clean and moisturized skin is essential.

4. Drink Some Hot Tea

Drinking some tea at night has many benefits, including better sleep, and lowering stress levels. It is very soothing to a lot of people. Just make sure it’s not caffeinated. 

5. Listen to a Relaxing Playlist

Listening to some calming music before getting to bed can really help put you in the mood to catch some zzzzzzs. Bonus if you have speakers, although not necessary. Spotify has plenty of playlists, but you can really listen to anything that helps you wind down. I have recently been listening to Spotify’s Nighttime Jazz playlist, and it is the *perfect* playlist for clearing your head before hitting the hay.

6. Read A Book

It is recommended to turn off your screens an hour before bed. Staring at a screen tricks your mind into thinking that is daytime. Ever wondered why you can binge a show online and not feel tired? Opt for a book instead! It’s a great way to gain that knowledge and take your mind somewhere else before snoozing.

7. Journal

Sometimes, when we’re busy and it feels as if our minds are going a mile per minute, all we need is to just write our thoughts and feelings down. Journaling is very therapeutic, and after reflecting on how we’re feeling, and what we’re doing throughout our days, this can really help put our lives into perspectives and help us understand for ourselves what we find important xxx

As busy girls, it can often feel like doing more is better. And while being productive is a great thing to do, your mind and body also need that time to refuel xxx