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5 Puppy Photos to Help Get You Through Midterms

Okay, how the hell is it week 5? As hard as it is to believe that half the quarter has flown by, here we are. Whether you are hitting the books or in denial this time can be stressful and overwhelming for any college student. This is a time to practice self-care and self-validation more than ever. While school is important, remember that your health and well-being are so much more important. That said, here are a few very good boys that are wishing you well on your midterms! 

1. The Head Tilt 

He is wondering why you are so stressed because he knows you are going to kill it! 

Via Pinterest

2. We know it’s “ruff”

Midterms are tough, but you are tougher! 

Via Pinterest

3. A sleepy pupper 

Just a reminder to get plenty of sleep this week! I know it’s tempting to stay up all night cramming, but we all know that bites you in the butt in the long run. 

Via Pinterest 

4. Sandy Doggo 

Remember, beach days are ahead! This little guy is a good reminder that midterms don’t last forever.

Via Pinterest

5. Caffeinated Pup 

Just a reminder that caffeine is a friend during this tumultuous time! Indulge in Starbucks fall line of beverages before time runs out. 

Via Pinterest

As a student, I understand that school seems like the most important thing in our lives, but don’t lose sight of the real priority: you. Good luck and go conquer those midterms! 


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