Winter is Coming

I don’t know about you, but when the temperature drops and the days start getting shorter, my mood is affected by the change in seasons. I have no warm, summer sun to look forward to, and it soon becomes a struggle to leave the comfort of my own room. It’s important to know, however, that these feelings aren’t unusual. So many friends I’ve talked to have felt the same way, so that’s why I’ve compiled a list to help you get through the cold weather and emerge better than ever in the spring!

Treat yourself to good food.

  • BD can be a bore, so even though it may not be good for your broke college budget, allow yourself every once in a while to treat yourself to Ibby’s, Postmates, or a late night run to John’s Donuts. Baking is also a fun way to be proactive and get a good bite to eat, so find a friend with a (perfectly legal) toaster oven and fill the room with good smells!

Do a face mask.

  • Even if you don’t buy into the benefits face masks can do for your skin, try putting one on every once in a while just for the sake of feeling fresh. Nothing like cleansing your pores to help you go on to seize the day!

Listen to good music.

  • Go on Spotify and find a friend’s awesome playlist, or spend a few minutes surfing for your favorites, whether you’re in a mood to be pumped up or shed that day’s skin (or do what I do, and be cheap with YouTube playlists)

Your bed is your friend.

  • A lot of the times, lying in bed is made out to be a bad thing. But who says that has to be the case? Getting rest is so important, so tell yourself you’re being productive when you curl up under the covers to get some shut eye or watch some Netflix. Because it is. Taking a break from a stressful day is just as important as going for an annual check-up.


  • That’s right – sweat it out! Even though a walk to the Estrogym or the A/C can seem daunting in the cold, you’ll end up feeling pretty warm when you get there!

Read a good book.

  • Here’s one you’ve never heard of – sit down and read! As busy college students, maybe the last thing on your mind is putting in extra effort, but a good book can warm your spirits and make you feel so much more ~literary~ than binge-watching.

FaceTime friends and family.

  • You may be alone when you close the door to your room, but you don’t have to be. If you don’t feel like having any real human interaction for the day, sit down at your desk, open up your laptop, and talk to people you know will always be there.

Be really nice to someone.

  • Nothing like warming up in the cold than warming someone’s heart! This one may seem cheesy, but going particularly out of your way for someone is a great way to cement friendships and make yourself feel good in the process.

Motivational speeches.

  • Here’s an odd one, but a goodie – go on YouTube and search up motivational speeches for getting through bad days, or success stories by some of your favorite celebrities. They’re sure to get you right in the feels.

Some of these may work, and some may not. The important thing is to keep trying – keep finding what helps you stay strong and what works for you personally. This advice doesn’t just apply to when it gets cold out, however – it’s important to take care of your mental health always. So keep grinding, keep doing your best, and keep hanging in there until the temperature reaches above 70:)


By Alli Hollender