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Apple Watch- The Fitness Feature With Many Pros and Cons

Before coming to college, I decided to consider purchasing an Apple watch. I loved the idea of being able to count my steps, having daily goals for level of activity, and being able to receive texts without needing my phone. My mom has one and raves about it; however, before purchasing I considered the variety of pros and cons.

I had seen many of my high school friends develop a somewhat obsessive relationship with their apple watch and I certainly did not want the same thing to happen to me. The daily move goals and exercise minutes should only be a goal- they do not have to be met every day! Instead, they should be guidance on how to live an active lifestyle. I knew that if I could maintain a healthy relationship with my watch then I should purchase it.

Ever since I have loved my watch. I do not feel an immense amount of pressure to “close my rings,” but I enjoy seeing how many steps I take each day and it inspires me to go on walks and exercise! In addition to the fitness feature, the watch recently had a very cool update where it tells you how long you should be washing your hands for. This is specifically helpful with Covid-19 and it is a great way to make sure you are staying sanitized and healthy. I definitely recommend purchasing the apple watch as long as you can maintain a healthy relationship with it!

WashU Class of 2024, College of Arts and Sciences