5 Tips to Survive Second Semester and Finish the Year Strong!

Invest in some leggings and comfty sweatshirts. During the dreary months of February and March, St. Louis is especially miserable. Making sure you’re comfortable and warm is a must to fight the gross weather.

Find a mood boosting playlist. I’m a huge music person, and I especially need a few good songs to pick me up on a rough day. Check out “i’m so tired…” by Lauv and Troye Sivan, “I Forgot” by Clara Mae, and “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande to start your playlist!

Spend time with the people that make you smile! Take a break from schoolwork to just hang out with friends and relax a bit. It’s easy to get caught up with our busy schedules here at WashU. Remind yourself and your friends to take breaks.

Self-Care!!! i.e. facemasks, do your nails, movie nights, Netflix alone time, etc. The cold air is especially harsh on your skin so try out a hydrating mask and make sure to use moisturizer.

Get organized and stay on top of your work. This is a biggie. If you start the semester out strong and work ahead, midterm season will be manageable. You’ll have the momentum of success to propel you to the end of the semester.