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Workout Hits!

If the Her Campus Zumba event taught me anything, it’s that great music makes working out two times more fun! If you are anything like me and find it difficult to find the motivation to put on your tennis shoes and hit the gym, using good music as an incentive to work out can be extremely rewarding! Find time in your schedule to step away from your desk and get some exercise. Take advantage of the sunshine with a run or walk through the path to Reynolda or throw a Frisbee around Davis Field. Or, if you’re someone like me that requires an elliptical to not feel foolish while running – head over to the Miller Center with headphones in hand.

Hit the gym with some new music that inspires and motivates you to work your hardest and be the best you possible!

Need an hour of great workout music? I’ve got you covered with this playlist.


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