Why I Take Naps

As surviving college students, we have all discovered the amazing rejuvenation that a nap can provide.  Naps are a glorious respite from the world allowing us to gain some much needed rest from our busy lives and the lack of sleep that we definitely all know all too well. 

Naps are amazing but sometimes they can be used as bad ways to avoid doing anything. You know those days where if you even think about all the work that you have to do, you immediately burst into tears and hyperventilate.  So rather than cry, you just decide to take a nap and escape from that overwhelming sense of doom looming over you called work.  

Naps are like a void for time.  I never understand how, no matter how many naps I have taken in my lifetime, I wake up from every single one of them abruptly never knowing where I am or what the time is or whether or not it is even the same day.  

When waking up from an amazing nap no matter how many amazing naps you have previously taken, you will think about that nap and tell everyone about the great nap you JUST took.  

Naps really can allow you to gain some energy back into your otherwise sleepless life. They allow me to at least be a semi-functioning human while in class.  They definitely help me from doing this in class.

Naps while always glorious and much needed, can be dangerous territory. A nap that is too long can lead to sleeping patterns to be completely off whack and ultimately lead to being even more tired.  

Overall, I have decided that naps are little gifts to help us continue existing.  Thank you naps for always being there.


A Sleep Deprived College Student

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