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New Year, Same Me, Just a Little Bit Stronger

           Back home I used to go to a workout class at this yoga studio called Core Power. I am a huge fan of workout classes. I find them to be a tough workout, yet very fun at the same time. I have also done a few cycling classes such as Flywheel and SoulCycle. At all these places, I find the instructors to be extremely motivational. I think that these instructors really add value to the programs.

           Over winter break, I went to a SoulCycle class with my sister and friend. The class was right after New Years, so I really needed to work off all the food I had eaten over the holidays. As I said before, the instructors always project powerful messages throughout the class. Usually I am just like, “Yeah! Oh my gosh! This is life changing! I am going to change the world!” Then, as soon as I leave the class, I kind of just forget about all the empowerment I felt. This particular class though was different. Throughout the class, the instructor kept repeating the phrase, “New year; same me, just a little bit stronger.” For some reason this has really resonated with me. Often around New Years, you hear the phrase “New year; new me.” The reason I think that the instructors' phrase stuck with me this time is because the past year has taught me that when things go from really good to really bad, it doesn’t matter necessarily that those things happen to you, it is more about how you choose to handle them. It took me a long time to deal with the issues that I had, and in a way,  I am still recovering. But, the thing that has stuck with me the most is that I managed to find myself again. For a little while, as cliché as it is, I felt lost, and I guess a part of me still feels this way sometimes. Little by little I am finding myself again and I’ve realized that I like who I am, and I wouldn’t want to change who I am drastically. Obviously, I wish I had more self-control when it came to eating desserts and working out. This year has taught me to toughen up and I am proud of myself for overcoming the challenges that I had to face. So, in 2019 I will still be me, but I will just be a stronger version of myself.


Carly Newell

Wake Forest '22

Carly is a freshman at Wake Forest University who is from Arlington, Massachusetts. She is also a member of the Wake Forest Club Volleyball Team and the Love Your Melon Campus Crew. She loves chocolate chip cookies and romantic comedies.
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