My Summer Internship Experience

This summer, I worked for a small, retail company called SCOUT (by Bungalow, LLC) as their eCommerce/Marketing intern. Initially, I was not sure what to expect as Scout’s eCommerce intern. I have always been familiar with the brand as I grew up using their products and they are very popular in my hometown. I could have never imagined working for such a fun and friendly office and making meaningful friendships with the other intern and my coworkers. I had a wonderful time working for the vibrant, colorful, and unique brand, in addition to getting to know the 26 individuals who work in the DC office.

One advantage of working in a small office was that I became very close to my team members and directly interacted with all levels of management. I’ve learned that when managing others, it is extremely important to maintain clear lines of communication and to be receptive to feedback. Another aspect I enjoyed about my internship was that I was able to work on projects in different fields. My biggest project was creating the website’s monogramming feature, which involved learning to edit in HTML and create pivot tables in Excel. While I had never thought I would have to learn to code and make intricate graphs, my Transition Tactics class taught me to be prepared for new challenges in the working world and dedicate myself to learning new skills.

Overall, working for SCOUT was a very exciting, unique and valuable learning experience for me. For those looking for a summer internship, I encourage you to look into SCOUT's internship program, especially if you are interested in learning more about marketing or the retail industry.