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Behind the Scenes at Village Juice: Q&A with Employee, Kristy Sadocha

National healthy food trends, such as kombucha, acai bowls, kale, and other lower calorie snacks, have always been popular among Wake Forest students. Even the different dining locations on campus have responded to increased demands in healthy alternatives by introducing fresher and locally made food options.

Among these local brands, Village Juice Co. has become exceedingly popular among students since its creation in 2015. The store currently sells over 16 flavors of their signature juices in addition to their delicious varieties of salad and grain bowls, smoothie bowls, and toasts. 

photo courtesy of Instagram: @villagejuice 

Sophomore Kristy Sadocha has worked part-time for the store for over two semesters and shared her insight on what it’s like to work for one of Winston-Salem’s trendiest and healthy restaurants: 

Q: What are your typical duties at Village Juice?

A: My typical duties at village juice consist of making smoothies, smoothie bowls, grain bowls, and salads for the customers. I also make sure that all of the fruits and necessary utensils are fully stocked at all times. One of the most important duties is to make sure that our customer service contains a welcoming, positive environment!

Q: Are there any job perks?

A: There are many job perks. Working in the health industry, I’ve learned so much about superfoods and nutrition. Working in a healthy environment implicitly makes me pursue a healthy lifestyle. It is a positive environment filled with positive people, which makes the job worthwhile. 

Q: Why do you think Village Juice is so popular among Wake students?

A: I believe Wake Forest students enjoy coming to Village Juice due to the lack of organic and healthy food existing on campus. Our campus does not offer many options of food as well as it being questionable about what is put into the food (i.e. the pit), thus Village Juice supplies these students with fresh organic healthy foods which fills their hungry desires and makes them happy!

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