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I don’t know about you but I am definitely feeling COVID fatigue. Every day is starting to feel the same with most things being shut down and not many adventures happening. I used to think that to have some variety in my day, I had to make some big drastic changes. Yet, what I have realized is that small changes to your schedule can drastically help! Adding something new into your day can help your feelings of confidence, productivity, and purpose. It is easy to get trapped in our daily routines which is why it’s essential we have a little spontaneity in our lives. Little changes may open us up to a whole new realm of possible activities that we weren’t even aware of beforehand. Here are five tips to help provide some variety in your life. 


1. Say yes to things you wouldn’t normally say yes to 

In this time of boringness try saying yes to some uncertainty. Even if it’s taking a walk with your roommate when you are slammed with work or going for an hour-long lunch with someone. The novelty of the activity may really stimulate your brain and improve your day. You may feel like you were more active or productive than you are usually. 

2. Change your hairstyle or style up 

Yes, in the times of COVID, sweatpants and sweatshirts seem to be the go-to look of choice. Maybe you even want to keep it that way, but changing up the clothes you are wearing may help lead to a new pep and your step and some possible confidence. Throw on some jeans or cute pants, and get dressed up for the activities you do have. Maybe just simply change the sweatpants you are wearing to a different pair. It may excite you to have a different look. At the same time, you could also change up your hairstyle. Try some braids, straighten your hair, or switch where your part is located. The new variations of your look can help you with confidence and security. 

3. Try meditation 

This could look completely different for everyone. Maybe your mediation is 5 minutes of lying down listening to music, maybe it involves stretching or maybe it involves following a guide. The main goal is to take some time for yourself that you normally wouldn’t. We all seem to find time to waste on our phones. Instead, take those 5 minutes on TikTok and make them just for you. Prioritize yourself and your well-being. This will help you feel rejuvenated and more awake when you are ready to resume life! 

4. Switch up your study space 

This can be a tough one but I highly recommend at least attempting. We all have our creature comforts, but trying new places can be extremely helpful. Even as simple as moving from your regular library spot can help with productivity. Rather than knowing what to expect, the change in location can be stimulating for your brain. There are also limited coffee shops open but if you are comfortable, maybe try going downtown and having a new environment completely. 

5. Eat or cook something you normally wouldn’t

Right now, for many of us, our days are planned around when we are going to eat and who we are going to eat with. For me, I know my lunch plans are the highlights of my days. To spice things up try something new! Order something different off the menu, or if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen, try to make something exciting for dinner. Planning ahead gets you excited for the day and may help you be more productive, so you have time to try a new place or cook a new meal. You also could surprise yourself and find something you really enjoy!

Colleen Condon

Wake Forest '23

Hi I am Colleen Condon and I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University! I am majoring in Psychology and Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from the suburbs of Chicago and love participating in HerCampus. I am super into sports, playing soccer and basketball in high school and now playing club basketball in college. I am also interested in wellness. As a pescatarian and an avid gym attendee I am always looking for ways to better myself!
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