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4 Classes You Should Take at Wake

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The perk about attending a liberal arts school is experimentation. This may be annoying as a bio major to be taking literature courses or vice versa—but this is the only time in your life where you may have that opportunity to just do something because it’s fun, interesting, or useful. So here are the four unique courses at Wake that you should give a shot.

Intro to Art History

This may be a bit biased coming from a former Art History major, but I’ve had several friends take art history courses as their art elective and come away loving it. It’s an underappreciated field of study that can appeal to the logic-minded (finding patterns between art); the history oriented (obviously); and the artistic (also pretty obvious). It’s a class that combines discussion, lecture, research, and creativity, and if you haven’t come away loving the history of art, you’ll at least have some fun facts to pull out at a party.

Public Speaking

I, for one, am terrified of speeches. Group presentations or solo talks, no matter the circumstance, it can be nerve-wracking. However, let’s be honest—being able to speak eloquently in front of a group is not only necessary in college, but in you career. Jobs are way more likely to hire if you are able to express yourself to an audience, and Wake offers a class to train you in just that! Be brave and put yourself out there for this course, and your nerves (and future employer) will thank you.


What better way to take a break from stress AND get credit hours? Yoga is healthy and fun outside of work, but why not take it when it can be built right into your weekly schedule? For those that have never tried yoga, try it out.


For some, this is an easy way to fulfill that math or science divisional. However, Astronomy actually offers an interesting break from traditional chem, bio, and physics courses. The labs take you outside at night to look at the stars—how cool is that? And it’s information you might actually use later in life, science-based major or not.


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