My Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

The beginning of the year brings a flood of resolutions that boosts gym memberships and workout video sales as people look to make a change. People look at the beginning of a new year as a great time to start a weight loss journey after indulging in the goodies that the holidays offer. While it is one of the top resolutions made, it is not one that is followed through by many. Thus I figured I’d share my tips on how to make a weight loss resolution a little easier to follow.


Now I know everyone says this, but it really is important. Fad diets DO NOT work in the long term. If you want to go on a diet you have to talk with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions. You want a diet that provides the right amount of nutrients for your body while helping you in accomplishing whatever health goal you’re working towards. Some diets aren’t a long term fix or could harm you if you don’t eat what your body needs so consult your doctor before you make any big changes.


All 2017 we’ve seen countless Instagram models, fitness models and celebrities endorse various cleanses and juice fasts that are supposed to help cleanse your body of toxins. This, my friends, is the biggest gimmick of the year. Your body naturally cleanses itself, and if you are having digestion issues it’s more likely you are eating something your body doesn’t like or have a condition that could be eased by a change in your diet. In the end a cleanse can actually be dangerous due to the lack of adequate nutrients to supply the body with energy, and it’s not a sustainable way of losing weight.


This is where, in my opinion, things can go very wrong, very fast. So many people try to make big changes that involve their diets and workout habits and it becomes unsustainable. Start small, and work your way up as you get more and more comfortable with your changes. Instead of joining a gym and going every day, try walking 30 minutes a day, or find a few workout videos online to start getting yourself used to exercising on a regular basis. Instead of trashing your diet all at once make small changes. Things like, cutting out soda, eating fruits or vegetables with every meal, and finding healthy and filling snacks are just a few small ways to start making a change that will help improve your overall diet.


Wow, looks like the girl down the hall has lost a few pounds doing a juice cleanse; does that make you jealous or upset? I’m sure it does, but it doesn’t have to. Everyone  does things differently and all bodies work differently so comparing yourself to anyone else is pointless. Focus on your improvements and the goals you have been working towards and reward yourself when you finally reach or surpass a different goal.


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