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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Every New Year, resolutions to get fit are made. Gyms are packed with new members, but as the New Year progresses gyms return to their original capacity. When laziness kicks in and the gym seems miles away, fitness apps are heaven-sent. Not only do they allow quick, efficient workouts from home, but they also ensure resolutions are kept. 

For busy collegiettes being able to drop and sweat anywhere and at any time will give faster and easier results. Here are some of the top fitness apps that will help collegiettes who with a time crunch:


With Sworkit, it’s easy to customize workouts and programs to fit your style. This app also has a lot of variety so you won’t get bored and discouraged. Sworkit is free so there’s no need to worry about limits to workouts.

7 Minute Workout “Seven”

This app allows you to work out for seven minutes a day. For those who love to play games, 7 Minute Workout gives you three lives to start with. If you miss a day, you lose a life. This app has twelve exercises, reminders and best of all, doesn’t require internet access.

Train with Tanya

Tanya Poppett is a personal trainer from Australia who created her own HIIT fitness app. With her app, you can work out with only your body weight and still burn calories. Train with Tanya is free to download, but in order to have access to more workouts there’s a fee. You can also follow Poppett on Instagram where she posts workouts and motivational quotes.

Strava Running & Cycling GPS 

Strava is a good app for those who like competition. You can compete against yourself and your friends to keep you motivated. The app allows you to find new trails and tracks your progress.

Nike + Training Club 

This app can be used at the gym when all the equipment is occupied, or at home when you begin to feel lazy and know you won’t make it to the gym. It’s easy to use and customizable.  

Good luck with your resolutions collegiettes! Remember to hydrate, eat well and rest.

Jocelin is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University where she is studying print journalism with a minor in general business. In between classes and work, she enjoys drinking coffee, watching Netflix, and working out. She hopes to one day be the editor-in-chief of a magazine and live in NYC. She is a Pinterest enthusiast and loves DIY projects.
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