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A Review of the Thrive Three-Step Program

Have you ever heard of a crazy diet that you just had to try? Between diets like Keto, Beach Body and intermittent fasting, the options for diets seem endless. I am not the type of person that typically trusts in seemingly magical diets, but when I heard of one particular diet, Thrive, I had to try it. Thrive is a three-step weight-loss and weight-management program that is easy to do and provides pretty quick results. I have been on Thrive for about three weeks and I wanted to review each step to give readers my honest opinion on a program that seems too good to be true.

The Supplements
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Kristen Bryant / Her Campus

The first step in the Thrive three-step program is a pack of daily supplements. According to the Thrive website, these capsules include essential vitamins like vitamin A, B 1-6, B 12 and a blend of many other ingredients, including green coffee beans and white tea. The supplements are meant to be taken in the morning, about 40 minutes before step two. You should take these on an empty stomach and before breakfast. For me, I don’t know if these supplements work or not. I’ve taken vitamins on and off for years, but I have never felt much of a difference. Since I have not taken them without steps two or three, I don’t know if taking them alone would change my results or not. I just continue to take them since it is part of the routine.

The Shake

The second step in the program is a shake. According to Thrive, the shake mix is full of essential nutrients and minerals, as well as 12 grams of protein. The shake is supposed to be consumed 40 minutes after the supplements are taken, and before any real food is eaten. For me, this is easy because I am not a breakfast person. I typically don’t get hungry until lunch-time, so drinking the shake instead of eating any breakfast is easy. This step is the one that I have seen and felt the most results from. Not to be graphic, but this shake definitely prevents you from being constipated, if you get my drift. The shake doubles as a colon cleanse for me and have made me feel like I’m completely empty before my first meal. Before Thrive, I would be constipated and feel bloated all the time, making me feel worse after a meal. With Thrive, I feel full after a meal, but I don’t feel as bloated and gross. I personally have the chocolate-flavored shake and I mix it with water, making it similar to thin chocolate milk. It isn’t too sweet, which I like, and the flavor is great (for a meal replacement shake).

The Patch

Step three has been the weirdest step for me. It is two patches that you must wear 24/7, replacing them once a day. You get to choose between several different patches, but I personally use Duo Burn. Burn costs a little more when you buy the three-step kit, but, according to the website, Burn is created to jumpstart thermogenesis in your body, which helps burn off stored fat and calories. Like the supplements, I am not sure if these patches help or not. I do know that they are itchy and hurt like heck to take off, but I like to think that they do help me with my energy levels and curbing my appetite. Now, this isn’t a magic weight-loss patch that doesn’t require any work from you. In addition to these three steps, you also need to eat right, exercise and stick to the routine. Without these three additional steps, the Thrive program won’t help you.

Thrive is a program that requires dedication from the user in order to reap the benefits of the three steps. I have been going to the gym more and trying to eat better for the past month, but I am not perfect. I have cheat meals and lazy days, but overall I feel more energized, and I have lost about three pounds. If you have the extra money and want to try a new program, I recommend Thrive.

My review summary: 4/5 stars.

Kristen is a senior with a major in Elementary School Education. She loves to read, camp, and hang out with her two dogs and awesome husband.
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