Manifesting: You Attract What You Think

Individuals are moving towards spiritual guides in their life, whether it be astrology, tarot, witchcraft, etc. People are more in tune and attracted to the power that is in the world. Manifestation could easily be grouped in with these because they are all at their core, attempting to find a balance between the negative and positive influences. Manifestation, however, provides you the ability to tap into your inner power to influence the outcomes of your life. You can manifest things into your life using the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation occurs when something spiritual becomes “real.” Your version of “real” might differ from someone else, but this generally refers to the ability to change or make an event happen. Manifestation is closely related to the Law of Attraction. Those that believe in this ability also tend to believe that thoughts and spoken words have the ability to manifest. Meaning, that the way you act or think subconsciously have the ability to affect your mood and the events that happen in your life. 

But can “happy thoughts” truly change your life? Generally, your thoughts are seen as the result of the lifestyle you live, not the other way around. A common example used is when you see someone that you were just thinking about. By thinking about that individual, wondering how they are, or what they’re up to, you are putting that energy into the universe. The universe responds by bringing that person into your life. 

This journey of creating your own experiences is a lot easier said than done, however. Imagine trying to tell a homeless person that all they have to do is manifest food or shelter and it will appear. Many say that manifesting is a privileged mindset, as not everyone has the same opportunity to bring in new experiences into their life. The practice revolves around the idea of the power of thought, and not the power of action, which leaves many wondering how they’ll truly get their ideal reaction from the universe. When putting manifestation into this context, the practice can come across as condescending or absolutist. 

Regardless of how you like to look at the Law of Attraction (manifestation), there is data to back up the idea of positive thinking. According to John Hopkins Medicine, those that have a positive outlook on life are less likely to have a heart attack or other coronary event compared to those that have a more negative outlook. Additionally, the University of Kentucky did a study with a result showing that long term stress negatively impacts the body and brain.

As a result, the power of thoughts is untapped energy that everyone can use, but few are aware of. In case you’re interested in trying to manifest something or someone, here are a few tips:


Have a clear understanding of what you want to manifest

-If it is a thing, consider this: What does it look like? How will it make you feel? What will you gain or lose by having this? Imagine already having it.

-You can use manifestation on practically anything: a new job, money, opportunities, romance, the possibilities are endless.

-Be specific.

-It is very easy to ask The Universe (or the numinous) for abundance, but an abundance of what is it that you need? Be mindful of what you need and get down to the details if you can.


Ask yourself who you will be manifesting to:

-Of course, many will say that you are manifesting something from The Universe. But others would say God, Goddess, the Numinous, their ancestors, etc.


Understand that there is resistance:

-Although you are hopefully thinking positively, the world is filled with negative people and things that can be spiritually blocking the path of your manifestations. Try to imagine moving past them.


Surrender your thoughts:

-Sometimes in life, there are some things simply not meant for you.

-Learn to accept the situations you are in and find new ways to manifest a better outcome.

Happy manifesting, and please do some more research on this topic. There are more spiritual guides to manifesting that I didn’t want to get into for the purpose of making this article open to beginners. Additionally, the terms “Manifesting” and the “Law of Attraction” are used interchangeably.


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