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The Importance of Art in Nature During This Pandemic

A lot of artists and creators look to nature for inspiration when in a rut. This past year our whole country and many others found ourselves stuck. I witnessed a beautiful resurgence of the appreciation of nature during this pandemic. People are in parks and walking around neighborhoods (more than usual). It was nice to see humans being reminded of the sanctuary that we have outside of our houses. 

The inspiration that can be taken from nature is infinite. During this quarantine and all that has happened in the last year, we are still able to go outside and smile at the sun. It is easy to find something in nature that brings a thought of hope and happiness to your mind. Being an artist, I can call that inspiration. But when I need a little more than just a visual cheering up, I am also able to be grounded by nature. By grounding myself, I find things that I am grateful for as well as a reminder that I am alive in a healthy body. 

orange full moon and clouds
Photo by Alt?nay Dinç from Unsplash

The Druids are a group of religious leaders that relied heavily on nature’s gifts and abilities. They preached respect for all, including nature herself. The Druids found nature to be a great power and able to inspire so much to so many. They considered nature a deity and a source. This is a cool way to view our outside world. We can take so much from it and give back to it as well. Maintaining a garden, soaking up the sun and breathing fresh air for a few minutes. These are ways to take advantage of the wonderful feelings, thoughts and ideas that mother nature can inspire. 

When the seasons change is when nature is at its peak. For me, change is hard to deal with, and when the seasons change is usually when a season in my life changes as well. I am always able to find comfort in nature and some wonderfully creative thoughts fill my head. I am an artist that takes a lot of inspiration from nature. Doing my work outside is always an activity that brightens my mood. When it is rainy, however, I prefer to appreciate nature from the inside. Working in the sun rejuvenates the mind and all that is in it. 

Whether you are trying to find inspiration for your art, writing, problems or life, going outside and breathing in the air is bound to give you a fresh start. I love nature and all that it has done for me during my good and bad times. I will always find hope and comfort in the sun. I will always find inspiration for my art in the nature that surrounds me. Next time you are in a creative or an emotional pickle, take a minute and go outside. Breathe a few times, sit for a minute or go for a walk. Give nature the chance to make you smile and forget for a minute. 

Ray Wondracek is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Fashion Design. They have been passionate about fashion from a very early age. You can probably always find them in a thrift store, binging "New Girl", or sewing.