How to Spring Into Spring

I don’t know, there’s just something about the spring season that just makes me want to reinvent myself. It’s like we are officially breaking up with winter—good riddance, seriously.

Spring is a time for rebirth, a time for us to come out of hibernation to discover and try new things. If you’ve been looking for some inspiration on how to change it up this spring, this one is for you.

 Here are a few ways to improve your lifestyle this season.

Change your ‘do

I’ve wanted to change up my hairstyle for months. And now, since its springtime, I’m feeling more inspired to change up my look and not be so afraid of dying my hair. As they say, it’s just hair, right?

Living up to my basic blonde girl stereotype, I find myself scouring Pinterest a lot looking at pictures of different hairstyles, haircuts and hair colors. However, I never change my hair or dye it anything other than blonde. It’s probably time for me to take the leap, which I’ve found would be made easier with temporary hair dye. One particular temporary hair dye that I’ve had my eye on for a while is by Arctic Fox, which is actually a company owned by YouTuber Kristen Leanne. I’ve been subscribed to Kristen for years, and whenever she dyes her hair on her channel with her products it always comes out looking amazing. I mean check out this video when she dyes her hair navy blue, it looks so sick. Her hair dye line not only has an assortment of really cool colors, but her products are vegan, cruelty-free and don’t break the bank—win, win, win, win.

Change it up in the kitchen

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, I have a really bad habit of eating out. Far too often, at that. For the sake of my bank account and my health, I’ve been cooking for myself more often. Not only does this save me money, but it also gives me peace of mind because I get to monitor what ingredients are going into my body.

 We can often think of cooking as a hassle, and as an activity that takes a lot of energy. However, in the past month, I’ve found that cooking can actually be pretty therapeutic. Even if I’m having a stressful day, I can come home, cook some food and genuinely be happy that I’m doing something for myself. Of course, this was made apparent to me after I discovered the YouTube channel, Bon Appetit. The cooks on this channel make everything from healthy meals to feel-good foods, while at the same time making cooking feel enjoyable, and not just an everyday mundane task. Seriously check out this video when they make Pasta al Limone. Although it might not be the healthiest meal, it's seriously good comfort food. Not only are their videos very relaxing, but they inspire you to play in the kitchen—which, hey, we all should try to do this spring season.


Change your gym habits

For me, going to the gym is not only very daunting but also very dull. Whenever I’m at the gym I find myself running on a treadmill bored out of my mind. I seriously don’t get how some people can spend hours there. And when the little gym TVs aren’t on? Dude, forget about it.

However, I’ve found that taking classes at the gym makes it a more entertaining place. I don’t know about you, but having an instructor to push me through my workouts is the only way for me to feel accomplished at the gym. Spin classes, in particular, are really fun and keep my blood pumpin’.  If you’ve ever thought about taking a spin class and you haven’t yet, I definitely recommend trying it out. The instructors turn the lights down, blast energetic music and push you through a rewarding workout. Even if you’re not interested in spin classes, try out another class that piques your interest. If you don’t like it you don’t have to go back!

Trying new things at the gym can help you discover workout routines that you actually enjoy. And of course, then you’ll no longer be like me, aimlessly wandering around the gym equipment.

Take the opportunity to try out new things this spring. Small things or big things, it doesn’t matter! Breaking out of your everyday routine can help you discover new interests that make you feel better, or improve your everyday living.

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