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As college students, we’ve all felt burnt out at one point or another. Regardless of whether this burnout is felt in your school work, job, club, etc., it is inevitable that this feeling creeps up at some point throughout the school year.

From personal experience, I tend to feel the most burnt out during the spring semester, especially once it hits March. I feel so exhausted from the year I already had and now I have to make it until May. This being said, I currently feel a bit burnt out. I have such a long to-do list each day and it can be super hard to get motivated to complete my tasks when the list feels never-ending. 

Dealing with burnout as an overachiever is a challenging task. No matter how tired I may be, I always want to strive to go above and beyond in each area of my life. Although it’s impossible to do all things at all times, I try my best to do so. The only way I’m capable of this is by taking care of myself and attempting to put myself first. 

In terms of my schoolwork, I try to make friends with people in my classes. This is a great way to have a study group and support system when feeling burnt out. As well, you make some fantastic friends along the way!

When reaching this point in the semester, it can also be hard to ask for help from your professors since it takes up extra time and energy. When I feel like this, I just stay after class for about five minutes to ask my professor for help. It’s much easier than going to office hours and takes less time out of your busy schedule! 

When feeling stressed and in a funk, sleep also matters much more. I’m the type of person that needs sleep in order to function every day. This being said a way I fight my burnout is by getting enough sleep at night. I’m trying to get better at this because it does get super hard but it’s worth it at the end of the day.

Throughout the day, I like to give myself mini brain breaks. This is a time when I allow myself to zone out, watch TikTok or FaceTime a friend; anything relaxing or fun for me to do that will make me feel less stressed. 

Another thing that I enjoy doing when feeling burnout is, quite frankly, to vent. Letting out your emotions of frustration is immensely helpful, even if it’s hard to do. I am a person that tends to bottle up all of my emotions, which can, at times, lead to my burnout. 

Feeling burnt out is super tough, especially when there seems to be no break in sight. I hope some of these action items may help you feel less burnt out. It’s helpful to know that we’re all in this together and you’re not alone in your feelings. 

How do you deal with burnout?

Irelyn Rogan is studying Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Irelyn is a third-year student, and this is her fifth semester as a HerCampus journalist! She is very interested in lifestyle, pop culture, and entertainment in general.