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Easy Baking Recipes For College Students

Baking or cooking is a first for some people once we graduate high school and head out into the ‘real world’ to college. It’s surprising how many meals we took for granted that were set on a table for us or maybe you are used to cooking with your parents and now you’re stuck. Meals take time to prep, advance preparations and the right ingredients for the concoction you are trying to make.

Cooking and baking may be a new skill college students are trying to master or at least attain to get by. As many have figured out, surviving on sandwiches, microwaved mac & cheese and instant ramen may work for the first week or two, but it gets old pretty fast. So here are some dishes that turn up a notch on your baking abilities that do not take up much time and no experience is needed! Whether you are an experienced cook or not, these easy and quick meals can be great additions to your list of easy meals!

Baked Mac & Cheese

Let’s start with one of the most basic dishes with an upgrade when compared to box mac & cheese. Baked mac & cheese recipes may take a little bit more time when compared to boxed pasta, but it is definitely worth it. Making the noodles are a simple task that just consists of boiling water and the additions are custom to your taste! You can add as many types of cheese as your heart desires as well as add bread crumbs, vegetables or a meat of your choosing!


Quiches may sound a bit more time consuming when compared to the mac & cheese, but all the time should be spent in the oven! Making a quiche is quite simple especially if you use an already preset dough. Quiches include eggs, milk, and cheese as the main ingredients mixed along with any other ingredient that satisfies your hunger! This meal is simple, quick and easy with the best part including the additional foods such as spinach, bacon or even more cheese! Baking a quiche can be done the night before so it’s ready for you in the morning or you can make one for that late night breakfast craving!

Baked Chicken or Salmon

The idea of baking meats can be daunting to some, but no worries! Making these meals in the oven saves you prep time and the hassle of making many dirty dishes. Once you buy your chicken or salmon, all you have to think about is the seasoning you would like! Marinate your meat of choice and throw your vegetables in the oven while you’re at it! Having roasted potatoes or vegetables dressed in seasoning along with chicken or salmon can make a feast for dinner or several meals for the week!

With all the recipes out there, I hope you find some that challenge you to go out of your comfort zone and try new meals. Happy baking!

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