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books on brown wooden shelf
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Back-To-School Survival Kit

The fall semester is in full swing for collegiettes everywhere, and now that we have been hit with the midterm melancholy we need a little bit of cheering up, Back-To-School Survival Kits to the rescue! 

The kits include essential items for the budget friendly, health conscious student.

Long hours at Cabell Library means lots of stress, not to mention extracurricular activities and work. Thanks to Freeman Beauty’s travel size face masks we can come home from a long day, pamper our skin and unwind before we attempt to catch up on sleep.

A student’s day entails running from class to class, attending meetings and hopefully squeezing in a meal. With CamelBak’s reusable water bottles we can #DitchDisposable and stay hydrated doing it.

The budget-friendly student in all of us cringes at the price of tampons and pads. The Diva Cup is a reusable alternative to a pad or tampon that won’t break the bank. While we’re on the hygiene topic, it’s #TimeForTMI with Monistat, did you know that yeast infections are so common that as many as three out of four women will get one in their lifetime? Thanks for the tips Monistat!

Whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or a simple beginner, Rimmel London Cosmetics has the products you need to create the perfect look. Lucky for us we get a coupon; a little drug store splurge never hurt anyone.

Our lovely kits also included a handy coupon book courtesy of Flying Colors Apparel, a Maidenform College Survival Guide and a little fragrance promotion from none other than Juicy Couture (check the back to find out how to get it on sale!).

Thank you to all of our sponsors for these fabulous tips, tricks and gifts! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Peyton is pursuing a B.A in Fashion Merchandising with two minors in media studies and business. She is a health and wellness enthusiasts and enjoys teaching cycle classes at the local university gym. When she isn't yelling a participants on bikes she is exploring Richmond, most likely with a coffee in her hand.
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