8 at Home HIIT Exercises

As the weather gets colder, nothing sounds better than to cozy up under a million blankets and never leave the heat in our homes. The gym is definitely my favorite destination, going everyday to do something good for my body and my mind. However, I admit that it is hard for me as well some days when the warmth of my bed is calling my name. Because of that, I have created a small list of at home HIIT exercises to do to still get that workout in on the days that I decide to stay in. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, there are many different methods to an effective HIIT workout depending on what part of the body you want to work most. Whenever I do HIIT, I focus on full body with with a mixture of abs for a short break and to focus on toning that tummy! No days off, am I right?

This HIIT workout will be only take 20 minutes of your time! It can be done anywhere you have a little bit of space to move and no additional equipment is needed. I’m going to list eight different exercises that focus on full body movement and core engagement, do each exercise for either 30 or 40 seconds, with 15 or 20 second breaks in between each exercise.

1. Lunge Jumps

When doing lunge jumps, alternate legs in a a lunging motion, making sure your lunge is 90 degrees for the ultimate feel. Keep in mind the rules when doing a basic lunge, such as not allowing the knee to go over the ankle, stay aligned for this exercise to be done correctly!

2. Wide Legged Burpees

Burpees are my actual least favorite exercise; however wide legged burpees have become my new favorite. When done with HIIT you feel the burn just as much as a normal burpee, but when doing them in such quick intervals I feel a lot more controlled and engaged than I would when doing normal burpees. To complete this exercise correctly, you’ll begin in a wide legged plié stance, then jumping up and down to the plank position and landing back in a plié stance.


3. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps, the ultimate booty booster. When doing squat jumps remember to properly squat with your body upright and knees/ankles/feet are all in correct alignment. For an extra burn in the glutes, touch your ankles together when jumping up coming down in the correct squat.

4. Plank

Coming into our first ab focused exercise of this sequence, just a basic plank. Take this time to really focus on your core and body alignment, making sure you are in a complete line and ultimate control of your body.

5. Normal Crunches

Another basic ab workout that can easily be done wrong. Again, take time to focus on your core control and make sure you are doing this exercise correctly, you only have 40 seconds. But feel free to really slow things down if you need to. Quality over quantity.

6. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a classic exercise. I put these at the bottom of my like list right above burpees, but I do appreciate how effective they are with such simple exercise. They are great for cardio and core engagement when done correctly.

7. Bicycle Crunches

Another original yet effective ab workout. Speed this up, you’re HIIT workout is coming to a close, strive for 20 on each side. Totaling in 40 for your 40 seconds of exercise.

8. Flutter kick with abdominal hold

This ab workout is my personal favorite. I complete every workout with it whether it’s HIIT or a normal full body workout. Simply lay flat on the ground and raise your legs about 30 degrees of the floor. Flutter kick your feet softly and engage your core while doing so for the ultimate core burn.

If you've got a jam packed schedule, but still want to get that work out in, try these HIIT exercises! Your body will thank you later, even if it's in pain.

Photo credits: Cover Photo, All other photos taken by Kayla Cwiklinski/Aja Moore