6 Tips for a Healthier Semester

Staying healthy in college is far from easy. Between crazy class hours and tempting junk food options at every turn, it can be easy to fall behind in the self-care department. But, luckily, there are some easy fixes to stay healthier during the semester.


1. Try to only eat at meal times.

I know. It’s really hard not to make that Raising Cane’s run when 10 p.m. rolls around and you’re craving texas toast. It’s better for your body if you eat at set mealtimes and don’t mindlessly graze throughout the day. Cutting out a few extra calories in junky snacks can make a huge difference, and you'll be more mindful about the food you eat during meals.

2. If you do need to snack, make it healthy!

There’s nothing wrong with bringing something to tie you over in that three-hour lecture, but try and make it something healthy. Not only do healthy snacks fill you up more, but they also help you stay focused and attentive. Carrots, bananas and pretzels with hummus are all great options.

3. Try a class at the gym

Tired of the treadmill? The Cary Street Gym and the rec center down on the MCV campus both have a multitude of classes taught by awesome student instructors for you to try! Cycle, Barre, HIIT…there’s something for everyone. Grab a couple friends and test out a Zumba class for some fun bonding and sweat time.

4. Try taking the stairs

Now you won’t have to wait forever while the elevator stops at every floor. No, but seriously, taking the stairs is a great way to get a small workout when you may not have time to exercise otherwise. Tromping up those flights to your class or dorm room may make you a little sweaty, but your booty will thank you!

5. Take advantage of nice weather

Being outside in the warmth is an instant mood lifter. Next time it’s nice outside, try taking your homework out to a green space, like next to the Cabell Library or behind the Pollak building. There’s wifi and the sunshine; the best of both worlds.

6. Be kind to yourself

Let’s face it: it’s impossible to always make healthy choices. We’re all human, and sometimes humans need that pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked to make it through the day. Instead of feeling guilty when you “slip-up,” cut yourself some slack and realize that you deserve a break every now and then. Even the best of us need to stuff our faces sometimes. Especially with Ben and Jerry’s.


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