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20 Locations You Need on Your Next Instagram

It’s been almost a year of mourning the loss of Instagram’s feature to create your own locations. We’ve waited long enough to see if it would make its revival, but now it’s time to come to terms with the fact that we’re stuck with the locations Instagram provides us (You can technically create your own by going through Facebook, but who wants to go through all of that?). Using pre-existing locations isn’t too bad because some Instagram locations can really spice up your feed or help your aesthetic. Here’s just a few of the best ones Instagram has to offer:

1. Responsible Dying. Whether you’re going to post a photo of your crazy studying from finals week or a crazy adventure like jumping from a waterfall, responsible dying pretty much sums it up perfectly. This location can be symbolic of dying on the inside or actually (responsibly) putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

2. Big Booty Bitches Mansion. Use this location on your next squad pic and you’re guaranteed to get a few laughs and a few more likes.

3. Shine Bright Like a Diamond. This location is also pretty versatile. You can use it on a photo with sparking lights, a really fire selfie or even a funny photo of someone pale sparkling in the sunlight — take your pick!

4. Princess Smartypants Palace. A sassy location perfect for a sassy selfie or to showcase your bedroom.

5. Almost There. The perfect location to use to document your road trip photo. You can also use this location for a photo of you’re almost completed homework or a senior photo when you’re close to graduating.

6. Almost Perfect. Don’t delete your selfie that has one hair out of place or your group photo that someone photobombed in the back. Using this location is explanation enough to your followers and pokes some humor at the situation.

7. Totally the Cutest or I Am Oh Too Cute. For a photo of kids, your SO or even yourself, this Instagram location says it all.

8. Home Sweet Home. Use this location for cute photos of you relaxing in your house or apartment.

9. Sweat Like A Girl. Show off your gym time glow with this.

10. I Love Cuddling. For the photo of you and bae (or your dog…whichever) cuddling.

11. Ouch! Body Piercing. You won’t even need a caption if you use this location on your photo of your latest body piercing.

12. Bikini Bottom. Take your basic “butt in the sand” photo to the next level with this location.

13. Help Me Go Home. This is the perfect location for a photo while you’re away at college or a funny car selfie while traveling.

14. Work and Fun! Use this location to show off some of your office shenanigans. 

15. Grandma’s Soul Food. Who says you can’t Instagram your food? Grandma’s cooking is always Instagram worthy.

16. Drink Drank Drunk. Add this to your photos at the bar (preferably the ones you took before you got to the drunk part).

17. Shop Till We Drop. A photo of your shopping bags won’t be the same until you add this location to it.

18. Tipsy. In case your followers couldn’t tell from the photo…

19. I Miss You. The cutest location to add to a photo of your SO, your parents, your BFF or even your dog.

20. Fairy Tan Mother. Add this to your photo showing off your new tan lines.

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Logan Bogert graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018 with a degree in Mass Communications. She loves two things: writing engaging content and having people read it. Logan served as the editor-in-chief for Her Campus at VCU from May 2017 - May 2018. She loves cream-filled doughnuts, binge-watching How to Get Away with Murder and all things Kate Spade.
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