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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Ever since Instagram announced that we could no longer create our own “locations” on the app, I’ve waited to see if the feature would have a revival. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be making a comeback anytime soon, and it’s time to come to terms with the fact that we’re stuck with the locations Instagram provides us. (You can technically create your own by going through Facebook, but who wants to do all of that?).

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your feed, here are a few of the best pre-made locations Instagram has to offer, from funny and relatable to downright sarcastic. Whether you’re stu(dying) in the library non-stop, posing for a glam shot with your besties and aiming to up your profile’s aesthetic , or missing your significant other, there’s an Instagram “location” for you.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

This location is perfect for any fabulous Instagram post, especially if it’s a glam shot of you walking down the street Carrie Bradshaw-style. Cue the Sex and the City theme song.


Whether you’re showing off your ideal “Euphoria High School” outfit on IG or trying a new colorful makeup trend, the “Euphoria” tag is perfect for any moment when you want to stand out — glitter, grit, and all.

I need coffee

Let’s be real, we all do. Snap a “tired” selfie while studying or channel Emma Chamberlain’s comfy-yet-cool aesthetic and tag your photo with this location when you could use a caffeine boost.

The Girls Room

Inspired by the classic Amanda Bynes Show, this tag is perfect for any photo of you and your besties. Take a group photo the next time you hit up a college theme party or while cozying up at your next movie night, and show your followers what you’re up to at “The giiiiirl’s room!”

Harry Styles’ House

Um, who wouldn’t want to visit Harry’s house?! Whether you’re showing off the Harry Styles posters in your dorm room or a new outfit inspired by Love On Tour, this Instagram location tag is perfect for you.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Inspired by Rihanna’s lyrics, this Instagram location is super cute for showing off a fire selfie, a nostalgic photo of twinkly lights, or a funny version of your friend “sparkling” in the sunlight (before their summer tan has kicked in).

America’s Next Top Model

This Instagram location is perfect for moments when you’re actually dolled up a la ANTM or sarcastic moments when you’re clearly…not. Whether your roomie snapped a pic of you just after you woke up or you feel like posting a no-makeup look on IG, your followers will be sure to give you a 10.


Ah, the irony! Although the apps like to keep themselves apart, using a “TikTok” location tag is a funny way to bring your worlds together. Post a video of you dancing, following an actual TikTok trend, or something totally unrelated — let the games begin!

Bob Ross Studios

This location tag is perfect for moments when you want to show off true works of “art” — whether it’s a beautiful nature scene or a candid photo of your friend making a hilarious face at brunch. We all know Bob Ross is the GOAT of visual art, so tag your photo with his studio to make your followers smile.

Study zone

If you’re a college student, you’re likely stu(dying) 24/7, so snap a moody photo the next time you’re in the “study zone.” Think: class notes spread all over your dorm room floor, iced coffee in hand, laptop half open, and the coziest loungewear you can find.

Love Island

This Instagram location tag is perfect for steamy couple pics, group photos, or even moments from a double date. Inspired by the reality dating show Love Island, tag your images with this when you want to make an eye-catching statement on the feed.

Victoria’s Secret

This tag can be used for just about anything, from jokingly doing a “runway walk” across the campus courtyard to a “hard launch” pic of your new boo (your partner will be a secret no more).

Send help

Whether you’re stressing about final exams or forgot your umbrella on the way to class and are now a walking puddle in biology, “send help” is the perfect Instagram location for you.

Home sweet home

Use this location for cute photos of you relaxing in your dorm, apartment, or house. Or, if you live at the library, coffee shop, or the couch in your dorm room lounge, you can use this tag for a humorous touch.


Obviously, we are all existing on planet Earth right now, but this tag is awesome for nature-inspired pics, park hangs, sunsets, and more. Show off the views near your campus or that mountain range you took pics at over spring break.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette House

This option is amazing if you’re newly single or simply channeling some inner “independent-girl” confidence. You can also tag your photo with this location if you’re hanging out with a bunch of other beautiful single people, whether it’s at a frat party or a local meetup at a cafe.


Unless you’re actually at Coachella, this Instagram location tag can be a fun one to choose when you’re at the opposite of a crowded music festival.

Gossip Girls

This is another cute location to use for a night out with friends. Channel your inner Serena or Blair and strike a pose, even if you’re not living in the glamorous Upper East Side. Instagram caption: XOXO.

Almost there

Whether you’re desperate to make it through finals week or you’re taking a weekend road trip with your roomies, this location is a cute, wholesome option. You can also tag your photo with “almost there” if you’re a senior who’s close to graduating!

I miss you

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and missing your SO, this location is a sweet one to choose for Instagram. You can also add it to a photo of you and your parents, bestie, or even your dog — it’s okay to miss people (and animals), especially when you’re in college.

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