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In The Latest TikTok Trend, Tyra Banks Is Judging Your Cringeworthy Throwbacks

Recently while visiting home for the holidays, I discovered an old scrapbook containing the cringiest memories of all time. Suddenly, I wondered who in their right mind let me out of the house wearing brown gauchos, hair parted in the middle with zero volume, and heavy black eyeliner that felt “pop-punk” at the time but actually gave “raccoon.” While taking a trip down memory lane, I found awkward theater headshots, smiling selfies complete with braces and trés chic purple rubber bands, and throwback pics from a middle school dance, where I may or may not have had my first kiss to “Lips of An Angel” by Hinder. I swear you cannot make this stuff up. 

Whether you’ve upped your fashion sense or you eventually learned where your hair should actually be parted, there’s something strange, yet satisfying about looking at your cringey past and realizing how far you’ve come. I, for instance, have learned to laugh at myself — disastrous fashion, chaperoned middle school dances, and all. Now, in a brand new TikTok trend, creators are recalling their most embarrassing moments — and I must say, the results are delightful. Here’s what you need to know about the Tyra Banks “I Give You A One” TikTalk trend, and how to try it for yourself. 

The original sound is from ‘America’s Next Top Model’ 

If you didn’t grow up watching supermodel Tyra Banks shamelessly critique hopefuls on America’s Next Top Model, take a gander at some of the old seasons (read: cycles), and you’ll be in for a wild ride. As much as I love nostalgic ANTM, some of the early episodes can be rough — especially when models face the panel of merciless judges, led by Tyra herself. In the latest TikTok trend, creators are using an audio soundbite posted by @justforfun87 that captures a moment from Cycle 21, Episode 5 of the show. In the clip, Tyra is judging contestant Lenox Tillman’s photoshoot, and it’s safe to say the host isn’t impressed. 

In the viral clip, Tyra takes one look at Tillman’s photos and says, “It is so bad, I wanna give you a zero. But that’s not possible, so I give you a one.” Yikes. Now, TikTokers are using the audio to show off their mismatched middle school outfits, regretful life decisions, or generally awkward moments that they’d rather forget, but have learned to laugh about. In the trend, creators lip-sync to Tyra’s dialogue before revealing humiliating photos of themselves from the past. The results are hilarious, relatable, and truly the highlight of my day.

Creators reCALL awkward fashion & beauty moments from the past

TikTokers’ versions of the “I Give You A One” trend are nearly as amusing as reruns of ANTM. First up, we have none other than @charlidamelio, who recalls wearing clear braces with black rubber bands. Disney sweetheart @ashleytisdale jokes about the iconic moment when she decided to wear her entire closet to a movie premiere. A noticeable number of creators can’t get over their awkward hair phases, from rocking emo side bangs to Katniss Everdeen-inspired braids and “harsh” side parts — which I swear look great on most people, and I will die on this hill. 

Creator @jaycietye can’t get over how thick her mascara was in middle school, and @sassaronio can’t believe she used to paint her eyebrows on so dramatically. TikToker @maddie.578 unlocks memories of the “twinning phase” when she’d dress exactly like her bestie, and similar to my brown gaucho moment, @whipplequincy can’t believe anyone let her out of the house in knee-high converses. Her caption: “Always been a fashionista.”

While discovering old memories can feel uncomfortable, the goal of this trend isn’t to put yourself down — instead, it’s about learning to laugh at yourself and be proud of who you are, in all of your stylish side bang glory. Seriously, we’ve all been through cringey times, and a quick scroll through the “I Give You A One” TikTok trend page will show at least 519,000 people who are right there with you.

For example, TikToker @whereisb’s video says, “11-year-old me recreating Tumblr pics thinking I’m so cool,” and @colleen’s version says, “making my sister take ‘model photos’ of me on our family vacation to Hawaii in 2007” followed by a dramatic model pose on the hotel balcony. TikTokers @lorengray and @theninalu review outfits from their teen years, and in what may be my favorite version of all time, creator @maxzuriff2 realizes she sat next to Kanye West in this iconic outfit.  

How to try the ‘I Give You A One’ TikTalk trend

If you’re ready to hop on this Tyra Banks-inspired TikTok trend, dig up those old photo albums and prepare for a trip down memory lane — the more cringey photo evidence, the better. The goal is to tap into a relatable awkward moment from your past; ideally, something you can laugh about, and are genuinely comfortable poking fun at. Be sure to save the trending audio here so you can sync it with your video, then, record a selfie-style clip where you’re lip-syncing in time with Tyra’s dialogue. The idea is that your funny memory is “so bad” that you want to give the picture a “zero” score, but you’re feeling generous and giving it a “one” instead. At the end of the clip, use the green screen effect to share an old, cringe-worthy photo of the memory you’re referring to. And, voila! 

If you need more inspiration, check out this version from @morganrothwellhardin who attempted to “look like a local” in New York City at age 15, or TikToker @tequilaquesadilla whose roller coaster picture from Six Flags has returned to haunt her. Whether your old YouTube content is too embarrassing to name or you once took your celebrity obsession a little too far, the “I Give You A One” TikTok trend is the perfect one to try. Give a nod to your younger self and don’t forget to be proud of who you are, purple braces and all. 

Check out more trends on TikTalk, where you can discover where the latest TikTok trends come from, and how you can try them, too.

Tianna was an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.
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