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In The “OK I Like It, Picasso” TikTok Trend, Creators Know Art When They See It

I’m no Picasso, but I know a quality work of art when I see one. Whether it’s someone’s perfectly-executed contour, a captivating sunset, a bougie candle that I absolutely didn’t need to buy, or an aesthetically-pleasing vision board, there’s something special about appreciating the beauty in everyday items and moments. In one of my favorite TikTok trends to emerge recently, creators all over the world are honoring the “artwork” in their own lives, from literal art — like their siblings’ arts and crafts projects — to masterpieces like the cauliflower gnocchi at Trader Joe’s (IYKYK). If you’re looking for a fun viral moment to hop on that doesn’t require a ton of thought and planning, you’ll love the “OK I Like It, Picasso” TikTok trend.

The trend originates from this comical video in which a creator is walking down the sidewalk. While strolling, he passes a person dressed in an outrageous (and quite frankly, frightening) costume next to a car that appears to be covered in tin foil. Equally curious and alarmed, the creator asks, “What’s this?” to which the person in costume responds dryly: “It’s an art project.” Immediately, the creator says “OK, I like it. Picasso.” His cute accent and immediate acceptance of this artist’s shenanigans make the video equally entertaining and endearing to watch. Of course, we all know that hilarity ensues when TikTokers get ahold of a catchy viral soundbite, so the minute creators caught on to the “OK I Like It, Picasso” sound, the fun began.

Now, creators are using this trending audio to highlight their own “Picasso-worthy” moments. Although many versions of the TikTok trend are wholesome, most are sarcastic and poke fun at something funny that creators have witnessed — or, they simply poke fun at themselves. For instance, @maddybockett’s version says, “When your BF posts a bad photo of you on his story but at least he posted you” followed by the audio, “OK, I like it. Picasso.” Creator @brynleeholman1 attempted to cut her own bangs at home, but when she visits the salon to fix them, her stylist doesn’t judge and instead says, “I like it. Picasso.” Another creator asks her father to buy a humidifier for her bedroom, and the Frozen-themed one she receives (shaped like Olaf!) is low-key better than any Picasso piece.  

Many creators have hopped on the trend to highlight life’s inconveniences, like @samporry who neglects to notice the “pretty light-up emojis” in her car before realizing she has a flat tire, or the creator who fails to see dating “red flags” due to being colorblind. Another TikToker’s car is totally frozen and covered in ice, similar to the tin foil-clad car in the original video. No matter what type of version you choose for the “OK I Like It, Picasso” TikTok trend, it will give you the perfect excuse to flex your creative muscles and make an amusing video. 

To try the trend on your own, think of a time when you witnessed an artistic masterpiece IRL, whether you just made the best charcuterie board of all time or you painted something you’re legitimately proud of, like @simplystyled.inspo, who is making me question why I’ve never tried squeegee art before. Maybe you’re a teacher and you notice that your students actually did their homework, or you recently discovered tote bags and are suddenly questioning how you survived before this genius invention. You can also stick to art-inspired versions like Sophia’s, whose grandma now supports her ceramic-making hobby, or this makeup artist who is tickled by people trying out new beauty looks. Of course, if you want to show off your mood board-meets-NFT collection as Paris Hilton did, no one’s stopping you. (Yes, she actually participated in the trend — see for yourself).

Whether you’re admiring the wardrobe choices on Euphoria or your bestie just nailed the iconic Carrie Bradshaw walk, give the “OK I Like It, Picasso” TikTok trend a try, and don’t be afraid to celebrate the finer things in life.

Tianna was an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.