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Five Simple Five Minute Study Breaks

1) Try to Do a Handstand

Up against a wall in your dorm, in the hallways of your dorm with a blanket underneath you, in a secluded corner of Rand. This is something that you can always improve, and is fun while somewhat frustrating. Embarrassing only if you let it be. Or hide away if you are like me and hate seeing anyone when you’re trying to be alone.

2) Munch

Honestly this is my go-to. This does NOT mean get food with lots of sugar or caffeine! If you’re going to be up for a lot longer and are feeling tired, get something with complex carbs as well as sugar and unsaturated fat! You need to feel full and to have energy that will release over a long night. Also, if you have a hard time getting good sleep after you’re done studying, you’ll have a much worse day when you actually have to take your midterms!


3) Take a Lap

Grab a friend who is similarly stressing/stuck and explore the building you’re in. Try to find a new room or a new way to get to a classroom you go to every MWF. Keep this between 5-10 minutes.


4) Dance Break

Christina and Meredith have it right, it just takes more than 30 seconds to totally reset when you’ve been sitting all night. If you’re in your room, lock the door and blast Bey. If you’re studying in a more public location, lock yourself in a bathroom and jam for 5 minutes. Who cares what people who are outside think if they don’t even know who is playing the music?

5) Search Cat/Dog/Turtle/Panda/Baby/[insert other cute thing here] Pics

Self explanatory, but you need to set a timer for this and actually stick to it. If you have no self control, like me, don’t try this if you want to go to sleep ever. Or just do it while in bed.


Happy working!

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