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Hey peeps! This school year is quickly picking up, and you’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of assignments that are due. Just know, during this time of your life, it is important to maintain a positive mindset by focusing on and maintaing good mental health. I personally have chosen to do so by attending therapy. I had my first therapy session, and I am slowly learning all the many benefits of attending therapy. Here’s some benefits I have found so far!


1. Improvement on processing thoughts

I personally suffer from some symptoms similar to anxiety, so I have tendecies to overthink and push myself beyond my physical and mental capacity. When going to therapy, a good therapist will provide you with tips on how to effectively think through various situations


2. Peace of Mind

Therapy can feel like this long venting session. It’s something about simply talking that time that will relax your mind a bit. Plus, there are some moments where I’m solving my own problems by simply talking.

3. Good Mental Health

This is the obvious reason! By attending a good therapist, you’ll eventually get to a better place with your mental health. During your first session, a therapist will have you take an assessement or ask you a series of questions to get a general analysis of your mental state.


Luckily, most college students can get therapy for free. Check out VSU’s Counseling Center here. Students receive 16 free individual sessions each academic year. However, if you want to look elsewhere, I would start saving up and do research for good therapists within your area because it’s definitely worth it. Also, some counseling centers allow you to pay through your medical insurance.I hope by the time you get to this point of the article, you are calling your local counseling center if you think it might be for you. I hope  today you take time to tend to your mental health and have a good week!



Kylah Gilbert

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My name is Kylah Gilbert. I am a 20 year old Juniorish at Valdosta State University. My writing is an insight to who I am as a person. So welcome to me as a person.
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