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You are good enough!

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Hello beautiful humans!

As we all know, we have faced one of the most terrifying things that a college student can face. That is the gut-wrenching midterm exams.  Midterm week can be very intimidating and hard to go through. No matter how many times you go through it never gets easier. No matter how hard midterms are I just want you all to know, you are good enough. No matter the grades that you get, you are good enough. I know that they say that midterm grades determine how the rest of your semester will go but just know that you are doing awesome!

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College can be very stressful but just remember to keep going. You are stronger and smarter than you think. It is normal to have struggles and have setbacks but never give up and never keep trying. Don’t loose sight of your goals. All those late-night study sessions, sleepless nights and stressing will pay off.

If you no one ever told you, I’m here to tell you. You are good enough and you got this! Don’t let your stress be your downfall, let it drive you to victory!

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Eriana Jones

Valdosta '22

Hello Beautiful people! My name is Eriana Jones! I am a junior at Valdosta State University and I am a Musical Theater major. I want to keep the arts alive and touch the lives of others. 
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