New Year, New You

So the holidays have come to an end and we're finally ringing in the new year. Each year we always start off by trying to think of new leafs and new year resolutions. Are you having trouble coming up with ways to change your 2017 lifestyle? Say no more, I have the perfect New Year's Resolution ideas right here!

1. Going to the gym

January is the time of month where everyone and I do mean everyone rushes to the gym with high hopes to get fit within 2-3 weeks which is totally unrealistic. If you're going to start working out, make sure you commit to it. Check your planner and set a specfic time to go to the gym everyday. Not only will you have a banging body by spring break, but studies show that you always feel energetic and overall better about yourself after a nice workout session. 

2. Eating healthy

Another great resolution idea is to start making healthier choices. I don't mean you have to completely turn into a "health nut"---I mean start by cutting out certain foods and opt for healthier options. It can be really tough to rid outselves of our bad habits, but its never impossible. For example, instead of getting fries with your meal, try ordering fruit or a vegatable. In addition to that, you could always get water instead of soda. Eating healthy can actually be extremely beneficial in the long run, so don't be too discouraged about not committing to it 100% at first. Consistency is key. 

3. Focusing on yourself

New year means a new you. I believe everyone should be loving theirselves in any and all ways possible. I know sometimes it can be hard, but if you start to focus on just yourself things will being to shine for you. Learn to take time for you and to say no to others. You are always going to be your first priority. Always take care of yourself because no one is going to know you like you. Just remember ladies, that you come first. 

4. Reading more

I know our lives are busy. However, it is proven that reading more can enhance our intellectual ways. Try to read everyday. Whether its the newspaper, online article, blog or even a novel of your own choice! You'll be sure to gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom by taking time out of your day to read. 

5. Bringing up your grades

Lets just get real here. College is crazy. I know we are always running around trying to make the next sports event, greek social event or even just hangouts with our friends, but its crucial that you spend time on your grades. A lot of the time we forget that we are paying to get a degree. College means you and your parents are investing in our future. We have to take these thosands of dollars seriously. Lets face it, college isnt cheap. Next time you have to choose between a social event or some study time for yourself, choose the study time. A little studying can go a long way. In fact, try making the weekdays for all work and no play. However, on the weekends don't be afraid to get out and treat yourself to a little bit of fun! 

Well, there are some great ideas and I'm sure you'll be able to set some sort of goals for yourself this year! Remember that its never too late or too early to change your lifestyle. You got this! Till next time, HCXO!