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Natural Hair Care: Why Is My Hair Stuck at This Length?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

How Do I Promote Healthy Hair Growth?

     What would you change if you were told your maintenance routine is deteriorating your hair strands, which in turn is prolonging your growth process? The most efficient reaction would be to alter your maintenance routine! The tricky part is identifying the factors contributing to thinned strands and a brittle texture. The common underlier is the overuse of heat appliances to manipulate unruly hair strands into the desired style. We may or may not resort to heat appliances for the simple fact that air drying our hair produces a different result each time! Well, the day has come where we must face our fears and take control of our manes!


Will My Hair Benefit From Stretching Without Heat?

    When we decide to take the healthy route by omitting heat application, we must understand that stretching the hair naturally will not produce the flat-iron look. However, when it comes to preventing knots and tangles, it will make our daily maintenance a little easier. While undergoing the No Heat Challenge, the rules of protective styling must be applied. It is vital you choose styles that provide full protection of your ends and require little to no manipulation. Styles fitting of these standards promote length retention by protecting our ends as our hair grows.


Styling Hair Without Heat

    There is no doubt that styling your hair without heat will take a great deal of patience. To make this process more manageable, alternatives to heat styling should be considered. Banding is a healthy hair growth alternative to heat application that requires the usage of several ponytail holders.The bands stretch your strands as they air dry, giving an elongated look. Next, we have the twist-out versus braid-out battle. Which is more beneficial for stretching hair strands? Naturalistas have declared twist-outs created from damp hair strands to produce a more stretched and defined look. However, each hair type will produce varied results based on maintenance routines. Another healthy hair growth alternative for each naturalista to try is the pineapple. To support naturalistas of all lengths, there are several ways to create this alternative stretching method. Each variation results in the hair being tied on the top of the head. This method is great for stretching the roots while allowing your ends to curl naturally. 

Stay tuned for more natural hair care tips!


Jamesia Folston is an Early Childhood Education student at Valdosta State University. She is a 23 year old alternative music addict who enjoys traveling, thrifting, and creating. She aspires to become an educator abroad and globetrotter.
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