Myths About Plus Size Girls

I have a question. Why does society push plus size girls into this "other" category? Like our body is a freak of nature and we can't hold normal and active lives. Below are the top myths I always hear that irks my soul:

MYTH #1:  Plus size girls are lazy

Just because we're "bigger" doesn't mean we're couch potatoes and just want to sit around the house all day. We live active and busy lives just like everyone else. Plus size women can work a perfectly normal job and drive to the gym right after. We're very able.  We live normal lives, and it's ridiculous if you think any different. 


MYTH #2: All plus size girls have low self-esteem

Every human has something they don't like about themselves. Whether it's a facial feature, that your feet are too big, or your ears are too pointy, etc. Just because we have a little more pudge doesn't mean we don't like it. There are many plus size women in the world who find themselves beautiful no matter the size. Stereotyping a person to have lower self-esteem based solely on their size is ignorant and just not cool!


MYTH #3: Plus size girls have low standards for men and are desperate

This myth is absolutely ridiculous! All women should hold themselves to a certain standard as well as the men they date. No one should date a person who disrespects them and doesn't care for their well being. The size of our jeans or the number on the scale doesn't represent the hardships we will endure. It is a blessing for a man to talk to me, hang out with me, and certainly be in a relationship with me. That is something NO ONE should get twisted. 


MYTH #4: All plus size girls want to lose weight

This myth just seems to make me giggle every time I read it. Why can't we be comfortable with our size, and go on with our lives? Though I wear a double digit number around my waist and hips, does that immediately indicate I want to lose weight? Many women work out to maintain the size they're at. Nothing more nothing less. I will never lose weight for anyone else except for myself. For my well being and my self-happiness.


MYTH #5: Plus size girls don't work out

Believe it or not, there are some real plus size athletes. Mirna Valerio is a plus size woman who has ran six marathons, and six ultramarathons. But plus size girls can't run. Jessamyn Stanley is a plus size yoga guru who can stretch into poses most people cannot. But plus size girls can't do yoga. Whitney Way Thore is a plus size phenomenon who has become a body positive activist who gained fame by posting "Fat Girl Dancing" YouTube videos. But plus size girls shouldn't dance. We do all these amazing things and more. Not to just beat the odds, but because we want to and like to. We're active just like everyone else.


Beauty isn't measured in lbs and never will be.