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Life, Love & College: 7 Ways to Beat Bloating

A bloated stomach is every girl’s nightmare come true. There’s nothing worse than not being able to zip your favorite pair of skinny jeans due to a puffy stomach. Not only is it unflattering but it is also uncomfortable!

Caused by excess gas in the intestines, bloating is very common in women. Hormones, poor eating habits, and certain foods generally bring it on. Want to beat the bloat? Check out these tips listed below to help you keep your stomach flat!

1. Cut back on the carbs and gassy foods

With the holidays rolling around soon, you’re probably going to consume more hearty, delicious food than you have all year. While there’s nothing wrong with that, keep in mind that consuming foods that are greasy can increase bloating.

To enjoy your holidays without cutting out your favorite meals altogether, consider eating them in smaller portions. When doing this you’ll cut out the bloated feeling along with the sickness you experience when you’ve probably eaten too much.

2. Take your time when eating

We know that it’s hard not to gobble down your food in less than five minutes when you’re extremely hungry but studies have shown that bloating can be ruled out completely if individuals simply took their time when eating.

In fact, when we don’t chew our food properly, talk while eating, or even drink through a straw we often end up swallowing excess air, which in turn leads to a bulging stomach. Just slow down and really enjoy the food in front of you. You might also find that by taking your time with your food you’ll appreciate it more.  

3. Eat fiber, fiber, and more fiber

Constipation is one of the leading factors to having a swollen belly. This may be caused by not enough fiber being in your diet. Increasing your fiber intake helps food move along easier in your intestines, therefore preventing backup within your stomach.  

However, eating too much of anything can be a bad thing. Don’t take your fiber intake from ground zero to 30 grams per day because it can cause bloating and cramps alone. Gradually increase your fiber intake and allow your body to get used to the content.

Check out foods that are high in fiber here!

4. Drink more WATER!

Whether you feel as if the taste is bland or it isn’t satisfying enough, water (contrary to popular belief) is truly the best fluid for you to drink especially when you’re bloated. Unlike carbonated drinks, water hydrates the body, which eventually gets rid of the bloat. To take it a step further, try adding a lemona natural diuretic and gentle laxativein your water.  

5. Move your body

Even if it means hitting the gym for 30 minutes, going for a walk or taking the stairs rather than the elevator, getting a move on releases air, which relieves pressure and then bloating. Don’t sit around feeling miserable; go get active!

6. Hold off on the sodium

Salt makes everything taste better but as we all know, everything good isn’t always good for you. Consuming too much salt dehydrates you, causing your body to retain water. The best solution to reduce the bloating, as mentioned before, is to drink more water, which actually helps with flushing out the salt and relieving your stomach.

7. Make potassium your friend

As mentioned before, consuming a lot of sodium in our diet can increase bloating. Therefore, consuming potassium-rich foods provides relief, as well as balances and circulates body fluids. Bananas, kiwis, and strawberries are all potassium-rich foods. 

Happy de-bloating, collegiettes! HCxo

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