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Managing your stress levels during school is extremely important for your physical and mental health. But balancing everything at once can be a hard task to accomplish, especially if you don’t know where to start. So here are some ways on how to balance school stress:

start school work early

Procrastination is the definition of creating stress. By waiting until the last minute to study for an exam, finish an assignment, or writing an essay, your school work will pile up which will only create more stress. Starting your school work when the work is given will allow you enough time to finish it and not stress about it.

Create a Schedule for yourself

By creating a schedule for yourself, you’ll be more likely to finish your work on time, manage your time better, and not forget about assignments. Also, by creating a schedule, you can accomplish your hardest assignment or get started on work early when you know you’re going to be busy later in the week. If sticking to a written schedule is difficult, you could always download good time-management apps (such as Toggl).

allow time to yourself

If you’re constantly on the move and never putting time aside for yourself, you’ll never have time to recover from stressful moments in your life. Just putting aside 20 minutes for yourself can help so much. In this time you could catch up on your favorite book, watch a tv show, or just doing anything that makes you feel relaxed. If you continue to put yourself behind your work, you’ll eventually get completely overwhelmed from everything.

School can be extremely stressful, especially with midterms and finals coming up. Learning how to manage and stay on top of this stress is super important for your physical and mental wellbeing.


Emily Harmon

Valdosta '25

Hey, my name is Emily Harmon. I’m currently a freshman at Valdosta State University, and I am majoring in Early Education. I am from a small town in Georgia, but I have moved around a lot due to being in a military family. I love plants, traveling, hanging out with friends, reading, and writing. As a young queer woman, I want to inspire and encourage others to learn to love themselves and to be who they are.
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